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Jennifer Lopez in the Maldives

The famous J Lo has arrived to the Maldives today in a private jet accompanied by her partner Mark Anthony for the possibly the birthday bash of the year. The 'not-so-green' party of Sir Phillip Green's 55th Birthday is hitting headlines across the world. Maldives has never seen anything like this, this is definitely good for the industry. We could spend millions to market our products but this is marketing at its best.
Commenting on this huge event, a prominent reformist businessman said "we are in deed very pleased to welcome such famous people to our country," He further added "we just hope they take note of other things here than just the blue water and sandy beaches", referring to the on-going repressive system.
Environmental campaigners are bound to comment on the excessive carbon emissions from the jets for this party. The carbon fingerprint is now a major issue in the west. It certainly is Green's party but it is not so green.
Source: Dhivehi Observer
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