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Unique Maldives to make photo installation with (National Art Gallery) NAG

09 July 2007, Male; The Maldivian photographers’ group on, Unique Maldives is to make a photo installation in a public space in Male or on one of the surrounding islands. The opportunity to contribute photos to the installation will be open to all members of the group plus anyone who wishes to join the group. Contributors do not necessarily have to be Maldivian but the photos should reflect the theme/s of the exhibition.
The event is organized to compliment the Live Earth concert and its Maldivian component ‘Jamming for the Islands’. Initially planned to coincide with the concert, it has now been delayed until later July. The exact dates for the exhibition and the location of the installation and guidelines for contributors will be made available on the NAG website and the Unique Maldives/Flickr website in the coming week. The themes of the installation will be based on the richness and diversity of the natural environment and geography of the Maldives, the vulnerability of the Maldivian archipelago to natural forces and environmental disasters and mankind’s impact on the earth’s environment, especially the effects of global warming and the sea-level rise on the Maldivian islands and their way of life. The final selection of images for the installation will also reflect a strong Maldivian context.

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