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Even as security agencies pin the Hyderabad terror attack on the Bangladesh based militant outfit HUJI, links to Maldives also emerge.

Security agencies have confirmed the involvement of Bangladesh based militant outfit Huji in the bomb blasts that rocked Hyderabad on Saturday (Aug 25). And now it is now also being suggested that there is evidence of a Maldives link to the terror threat to India. TIMES NOW gives an report.

Investigation into the twin balsts that shook Hyderabad on Saturday continues. The suspect now narrowed down to the HUJI and its Karachi based commander Abdul Sahil Mohammed.

Reports suggest, Mohammad had left several internet-chat messages for his Hyderabad operatives asking them to go ahead with the plans authorised by him.

The involvement of the HUJI points the terror link to Bangladesh. A country going through extreme politcal turmoil Bangladesh is become a haven for terrorists. The HUJI which was established here in 1992 with assistance from Osama Bin Laden has several camps here, some backed by the ISI.

For India, the growth of terrorism in Bangladesh has been worrying as the porus border with India's north-east offers easy access to militant groups. Recent evidence also showed the HUJI using Madrasas in the area to recruit activists.

As the political insability in Bangladesh grows, the Indian government is watching the situation closely. The Indian government also wants to develop a mechanism with Bangladesh to discuss an anti-terror mechanism.

With the military regime in Bangladesh also cracking down on hardline Islamic parties, the militant groups have started to look for alternative routes into India. One such route is via the Maldives. Militant groups are using routes from Pakistan and Bangladesh via Male in Maldives, primarily to target South Indian cities.

In Maldives, political instability has brought trouble. Abdul Gayoom has been President for 29 years, partially aided by India that helped him fight a coup in 1998. But as his pouplaity drops, Islamic parties have risen. The main opposition group is also said to have several hardline elements in it. Reports suggest Maldives is like Bali where Islamic terror has found a foothold.

For India, which is fighting terror on several fronts, threats presented from Bangladesh and Maldives add to its worries. India has successfully evolved a joint terror mechanism with Pakistan but will need to work on simmilar lines to respond to this threat...TIMES NOW - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos -

Fruit bat's fruits only

Fruit bat's fruits only
Originally uploaded by i b u
Banyan Tree Fruits , Bats favorite fruit around the Maldives
Bats have inhabited the Earth for about the last 50 million years. The earliest fossils of the species found bare a remarkable resemblance to the bats of today. The ancestry of bats is thought to be similar to that of primates. This is highly attributed to their offsprings' dependence upon nurturing and nursing which is accomplished through a pair of pectoral breasts. These were the factors which led Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy, to link the two species.

World Leaders Who Teach Us, The

World Leaders
Originally uploaded by i b u
Always runnin' on empty
Ain't got no fuel
The men who lead us
Are intolerably cruel
The fuel they need
Is mid-east oil
So we must gather up quickly
And go take their soil

The men, they taught us
They taught us so great
We must steal the Indian's land
Before it's too late
We murdered 'em millions
We left 'em their corn
We'd forgotten the treaties
The treaties we'd sworn

In the bloody Civil War
Hundreds of thousands died
The rebels never understood they
Were fightin' for the wrong side
Thought they were protectin' their homes
But really it was slavery
Marchin' 'round with ignorance
Whistlin' good ole Dixie

Remember the Maine
Them Spanish done us wrong
To hell with Spain
They won't last for long
Blamin' 'em we did
A war we'd must partaken
While all along
We were really mistaken

Now in World War Two
Those Nazis were bad
Killed millions of innocent
Made us all mad
The evil acts they'd done
With all righteousness we'd condemn
Little did we know
We'd turn out just like them

Now I'm taught to hate the insurgents
Their Islamic regime must go
Do I think they're bastards?
Well yes, I reckon so
The rules of their religion
State freedom one must cuss
But when I look at 'em closely
They're no different than us

The leaders who teach us
All their teachin's are lies
They continue to spew them
While thousands of us die
We fire our weapons
While they count their money
The youths who disagree with 'em
Ain't nothin' but hippies

The brave youth who enlist
Are usually poor
Their numerous deaths fail to make
Our leaders' eyes soar
The men, they sit there countin'
While the brave youth bleed
But they can't see death
Through their veil of greed

I've been sittin' here thinkin'
What this was all for
I haven't yet come up with
A good reason for war
But what I'll do
Is continue to protest
For I know that the leaders' reason
Is far from the best

Celebrating The Voice Of The People

Dedicated to all the peope who contributed their valuable time in an affort to give power back to the people here in the Maldives on the 18th august 2007.

Two moons on 27 August - Greatest Event on Earth

If you're been receiving an e-mail saying something similar
to what is stated bellow, note that it is a hoax!!!!!

it is scientific blasphemy!!! there is absolutely no scientific basis in that hoax e-mail (and ppl believe thats it true... read the comments bellow...) i've had friends asking "whats this about two moons being there on the 27th of august"... and i've had numerous fwds... it happened last year as well... and the year before...

anyways... its a hoax... and i've tried to simply my explanation as much as a i can... if you dont get it... feel free to ask and also dig wikipedia...

also... pls feel free to ask any questions or argue...

okay so the hoax e-mail reads something like....

Two moon on 27 August*

*27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for.............*

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.

It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will
cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be
sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth
has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.

Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it

let me rip this piece by piece...

astronomical data... on 27 august 2007

  • mars is 1.1802 AU from earth (AU - astronomical unit - 1 AU = average distance between earth and sun = about 150 million kilometers)
  • the moon is 0.0025 AU from earth
  • the moon is 470 times closer to earth than mars
  • mars' radius is about 3,400 km
  • moon's radius is about 1,700 km
  • so, mars is about twice as big (radius) as the moon

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.

moon is the brightest object except on new moon... and 27 august is NOT a new moon day.... in fact... its a full moon day... the moon will be very bright... according to the astronomical sky charts the moon has a magnitude of 12.32 and mars has a magnitude of 0.41... the magnitude is expressed as a log10 term... like decibels in sound intensity... so the moon is 2.512(12.24 - 0.42) brighter than mars.... numerically, that is 57,500 times...

how does brightness work?
brightness (light intensity) obeys the inverse square law... that is... a lamp 1 meter away from you would have 4 times the brightness if it was 2 meters away from you...
planets and moons such as mars, the moon, jupiter etc. do not emit light, instead they reflect light (from the sun)...
so think of mars and the moon as giant mirrors... plant will be seen as a disc to an observer (you) on earth... the amount of light reflected would depend on the (projected) area of the object... which means that mars would reflect 4 times the amount of light than the moon... (because area of a circle is proportional to the square of its radius, A=πR2) but the moon is 470 times closer to earth than mars... which means its (470)

so we can dismiss that claim... PFFTTTT!!!!!

next... It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.

how big an object appears to the naked eye depends on the angle it creates with the eye, called the vision angle... if one object creates and angle of 1° and another 10°... then the latter would appear 10 times bigger than the former... and thats how vision works... and even that can be proven but i dont want to get in to that here... optical instruments such as telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, etc... they alter the vision angle...
so for mars to appear as large as the moon it'll have a radius 470 times that of the moon!!!

here is a another fact you might be interested in....

the sun is 1 AU from earth and the moon is 0.0025 AU from earth.... so thats about 400 times....
the sun's radius is 696,000 km!!! and thats about 410 times!!!
so the sun and the moon appears to be that of the same size...
notice during solar total eclipses the moon covers the sun completely... but the corona can be seen...

so we can dismiss that claim as well... PFFTTTT!!!!!

next... This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth.

34.65 million miles = 0.37 AU
on 27 august 2007 mars is 1.1802 AU away from earth!!!!
on 27 august 2005 mars is 0.6896 AU away from earth!!!!

this hoax e-mail can be traced back to 2003... and nasa had issued a notice about it saying that its a hoax... even if you compare the astronomical data back in 2005 mars would be tens of thousands of times less brighter than the moon!

pls share this msg with whoever sends this hoax e-mail...

Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
unless you're high on some vegetable substance... like... mallung... you'd see a normal sky... if you're high on mallung like the author of the hoax e-mail... then you might see something more than mars... heck you might even be the first person to step on mars!!!!

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Vote 'Barulamaanee' (Parliamentary System)

Maldives votes in historic referendum,
The historic referendum to choose the system of government (parliamentary or presidential) began at 7 am this morning and will close at 7 pm this evening unless people are at the polling stations at 7 pm to vote, in which case they will be allowed to vote before closing the ballot box. Despite this official claim, some resort islands did not get their ballot boxes by 7 am, such as Dhonveli Beach Resort, just 25 minutes from Male', got its box around 8 am.
Voting stopped shortly in G.Dh. Rathafandhoo around 9 am, due to a voting official, believed to be Katheeb (Island Chief) entering the polling both with a voter to cast the vote for the person
ޚުދުމުހުތާރު ވުމުގެ ފުރުސަތުބޮޑު
ޕޮލިޓިކަލް ސައިންޓިސްޓުން ބުނާގޮތުން ރަޔާސީ ނިޒާމަކީ ކޮންސްޓިޓިއުޝަނަލީ ސްޓޭބަލް ނިޒާމެއްނޫނެވެ. ފްރެޑް ރިގްސް ފަދަ ބައެއް ޕޮލިޓިކަލް ސައިންޓިސްޓުން ވިދާޅުވާ ގޮތުގައި ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމް ހިޔާރުކޮށްފައިވާ ހުރިހަ ޤައުމެއްވަނީ ޚުދުމުހުތާރު ވެރިކަމެއްގެ ތެރެއަށް ގެނބިގެން ގޮސްފައެވެ.
ރިޔާސީ އިންތިޚާބެއްގެ ހުރިހާ އިނާމެއްވެސް މަންފާއެއްވެސް އޮތީ އިންތިޚާބު ކާޟިޔާބު ކުރާ ފަރާތަށް އެކަންޏެވެ. އިންތިޚާބުގައި ކާމިޔާބު ނުލިބޭ މީހުން ޖެހެނީ ހުސްއަތާ ގެއަށް ދާށެވެ. ދެން އަނެއްކާވެސް އެމީހުންނަށް ފުރުސަތެއް ލިބެން އޮންނަނީ އެރިޔާސީ ދައުރެއް ހަމަވުމަށްފަހުގައެވެ.
ބަރުލަމާނީ ނިޒާމެއްގައި މަޖިލީހުގެ އަޣުލަބިއްޔަތު ލިބޭޕާޓީ ވެރިކަން ކުރާއިރު، އަޣުލަބިއްޔަތު ނުލިބޭ ޕާޓީތައް ގުޅިގެން އުފައްދާ ކޯލިޝަނުން އޮޕޮޒިޝަން ސަރުކާރެއް ޤާއިމްކުރާނެއެވެ. އަދި ވެރިކަން ކުރާ ޕާޓީގެ ބޮޑު ވަޒީރު ވެރިކަން ކުރަން ޖެހެނީ އެޕާޓީއެއްގެ މެންބަރުންގެ ކަނޑައަޅައި އެޕާޓީން ޤައުމަށް ހާމަކޮށްފައިވާ ސިޔާސަތާ އެއްގޮތަށެވެ. މިހާލަތުގައިވާ ބޮޑުވަޒީރަކު ދެންއަންނަ އިންތިޚާބެއް ނާކާމިޔާބު ވުމުގެ ނުތަނަވަސްކަމަށްވުރެ އޭނާއަށް ބޮޑު ރިސްކަކީ އޭނާގެ ޕާޓީގެ ސަޕޯޓް ގެއްލުމާއެވެ.
މިއާޚިލާފަށް ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމެއްގައި ރައީސަކަށް އޮތީކީ ހަމައެކަނި އެހެން ސިޔާސީ ޕާޓީތަކުގެ ނުފޫޒު ނެތިކޮށްލުން އެކަންޏެއްނޫނެވެ. އޭނާގެ ޕާޓީގެ ވަކި ފެކްޝަނަކުން ބޭނުންވާގޮތަކަށް ދީލާލުމުގެ އިތުރަށް، އޭނާ ވެރިކަމަށް ގެނައުމަށް ޓިކެޓް ދިން ޕާޓީން ވަކިވެގެން ވެސް އޭނާގެ ދައުރުފުރިހަމަ ވަންދެން ވެރިކަމުގައި ބަގުޑި ބެއްދުމުގެ ފުރުސަތު އެބައޮވެއެވެ.
ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމު ތަޢާރަފުކުރެވުނު އެއްވެސް ޤައުމެއްގައި މިހާތަނަށް ޑިމޮކްރަސީއެއް ޤާއިމްވެފައިނެތެވެ. އެފަދަ ހުރިހާ ޤައުމެއްގައި ދިރިފައިވަނީ ރައްޔިތުންގެ ހައްޤުތައް ރޮލާކާ ޚުދުމުހުތާރު ވެރިންތަކަކެވެ.
ޑިމޮކްރަސީ ޤާއިމްކުރުން ފޭލްވުމުގެ ދިރާސާ ކުރަން ވޭތުވެދިޔަ ޤަރުނުގެ ފަހުކޮޅުގައި މިސާލަކަށް ނެގިފައިވަނީ ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމު އޮތް އެކުއެޑޯ އެވެ. މިޤައުމުގެ ރައްޔިތުންގެ މަޖިލީހުން ފާސްކޮށްފައިވާ ހުރިހާ ޤާނޫނުތަކެއް ވެރިންވަނީ ވީޓޯކޮށްފައެވެ. ތަސްދީގު ނުކޮށްފައެވެ. އެއްފަހަރަކު ޤާނޫނުހަދާ މަޖިލީހުގެ ތެރޭގައި ތިބި މެންބަރުންނަށް ކަރުނަ ގޭހުން ހަމަލާދީފައިވެއެވެ. އަނެއްފަހަރު ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ ރައީސުގެ ހުށަހެޅުންތައް ފާސްކުރުމަށް ދާންދެން މިލިޓަރީ ފައުޖުތަކުން ވަނީ ޤާނޫނުހަދާ މަޖިލީހުގެ މެންބަރުން އެމަޖިލިސް ތެރޭގައި ރަހީނުކޮށްފައެވެ. މިއީ މިކިޔާ ފުރިހަމަ ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ ކަންތައް އޮތްގޮތެވެ. 1984 ވަނަ އަހަރު އެކުއެޑޯގެ ޤާނޫނު ހަދާ މަޖިލީހުން އައްޔަންކުރި ސްޕްރީމް ކޯޓުގެ ފަނޑުޔާރުން ކޯޓުތަކަށް ވަނުން ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ ރައީސް މަނާކުރިއެވެ.
ބާރުތައް ރޫޅޫން
ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމެއްގައި ވެރިކަން ކުރާ ފަރާތާއި ޤާނޫނު ހަދާފަރާތަކީ ލިޔުމުގައި ވަކި ދެބާރެވެ. ގިނަފަހަރު ޢަމަލުގައި މިދެބާރުވެސް އޮންނަނީ އެއްޕާޓީއަކަށެވެ. ނަމަވެސް ޤާނޫނުހަދާ ފަރާތާއި ވެރިކަން ކުރާފަރާތުގެ މެދުގައި އަރާރުން އުފެދި މިދެބާރުގެ ކޯޅުމާހެދި ސަރުކާރުން ނުހިންގި ޤައުމުގައި މަރުތަޅުއެޅިގެން ގޮސް ސިޔާސީ ނައުފަރަށް އަރާއިރުވެސް އެއްބަޔަކުއަނެއްގެ ބޮލަށް ޖަހާލާފައި ކަމުގެ ޒިންމާ ނަގާނެފަރާތެއް ނޯވެއެވެ. ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގައި އެއްބަޔަކު އަނެއްބައެއްގެ ބޮލުގައި އަޅުވާފައި ޒިންމާއިން ރެކިގަތުކަމީ ރައީސާއި ޤާނޫނު ހަދާ މަޖިލީހަށް އޮތް ފުރުސަތެކެވެ.
ވެރިކަމާއި ވެރިން ބަދަލުކުރުން ނާދިރުވުން
ސިޔާސީ ޢިލްމުވެރިން ޒުވާބެދެއްވާ ގޮތުގައި ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމްގެ އެންމެ ބޮޑު ދޯހަޅިކަމަކީ ވެރިކަން ބަދަލުކުރުމުގެ ފުރުސަތު ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ނެތުމެވެ. ރައީސްގެ މަޤްބޫލުކަން ދަށަށްދިޔަޔަސް، އެރައީސެއްގެ ސިޔާސަތާއި މުޅިޤައުމުގެ %90 މީހުން ދެކޮޅު ހެދިޔަސް، ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ޣައްދާރުވެ ޚުދުމުހުތަރި ވިޔަކަސް، އެރިޔާސީ ދައުރެއް ނިމުމުގެ ކުރިން އޭނަ ވެރިކަމުން ދުރުކަމަކީ މުސްތަހީލުކަމަކެވެ. ނާދިރު ކަމެކެވެ. ރިސާޔީ ނިޒާމުގައި ވެރިން ބަދަލުނުކުރެވުމަކީ ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގައި ޑިމޮކްރަސީއެއްގެ ވިންދުޖަހަން އެންމެ ބޮޑަށް ހުރަސްއަޅާ ކަމެވެ. ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގައި ޤާނޫނީ ގޮތުން ވެރިކަން ބަދަލުކުރެވެން ނެތުމާއެކު، ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ ވެރިންގެ ވެރިކަން ވައްޓާލުމުގައި މުޅިންވެސް ފެންނަނީ އަސްކަރީ އިންޤިލާބުތަކެވެ. ނަމަވެސް އަސްކަރީ އިންޤިލާބަކުން ވެރިން ބަދަލުކުރަން ޖެހުމުން އެއީ ޤައުމުގެ ރައްޔިތުންގެ ރިހޭ ފައި މައްޗަށް ފޮއި ވެއްޓުމެއްނޫން، ރައްޔިތުންގެ ރިހޭ ފައިބުރިކޮށް އަތްކެނޑުން ފަދަ ކަމެކެވެ.
މިއާޚިލާފަށް ބަރުލަމާނީ ނިޒާމެއްގައި އިތުބާރުނެތްކަމުގެ ވޯޓަކުން ބޮޑުވަޒީރު އެހެލުމަކީ ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ވަރަށް ފަސޭހަކަމެކެވެ. ގްރާސްރޫޓްގެ ޕްރެޝަރުން އުފެދިގެން އަންނަ ބިޔަ ރާޅު ދާނީ އެފަދަ މަޤްބޫލުކަން ކުޑަ ބޮޑުވަޒީރެއްގޮވައިގެންނެވެ. ގިނަފަހަރަށް ޕާޓީގެ މަސްލަހަތުގެ ސަބަބުން އެފަދަ މީހުންނަށް ޖެހޭނީ ޕާޓީގެ ލީޑަރުކަމުން އިސްތިއުފާ ދޭށެވެ. މީގެ ފުރިހަމަ މިސާލަކަށް އެމްޑީޕީގެ ގްރާސްރޫޓް މެންބަރުންގެ ރޫޚާ ޚިލާފަށް ޚުދުމުހުތާރު ޖާގައެއް ޤާއިމްކުރަން އުޅުނު އިބްރާހިމް އިސްމާއީލް އެމްޑީޕީގެ ރައީސްކަމުން އިސްތިއުފާން ދިނުން ފާހަގަކޮށްލެވެއެވެ. ޕާޓީގެ ލީޑަރަކަށް އާދެވެނީ ޕާޓީގެ ރައްޔިތުން ކަޑައަޅާ ސިޔާސަތު ޤަބޫލުކޮށް، ޕާޓީއިން ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ވަޢުދުވާފަދައިން އެސިޔާސަތު ތަންފީޒުކުރާނެ ވެރިއެކެވެ. ބޮޑުވަޒީރުކަމުގައި ދެމިހުރެވޭނީ ޕާޓީގެ ގްރާސްރޫޓް މެންބަރުންގެ ރޫހުއޮވެގެންނެވެ. ގްރާސްރޫޓް މެންބަރުންގެ ސަޕޯޓް ދެމިއޮންނާނީ އެމެންބަރުންނާއި ރައްޔިތުން އުއްމީދުކުރާ ކަންތައްތައް ހާސިލްކޮށްދެވޭ ނަމައެވެ. އެއާ ޚިލާފް ވާޏަމަ ޖެހޭނީ އިސްތިއުފާދޭށެވެ.މަހަށްދާށެވެ. މިސާލަކަށް އިގިރޭސިވިލާުގެ މާގްރެޓް ތެޗަރ ފުދިބާކީވެއެވެ. ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ހަރާންކޯރުވެ އަދި ޕާޓީ މެންބަރުންގެ ޕްރެޝަރަށް އިސްތިއުފާ ދޭން ބޮޑުވަޒީރު އިންކާރުކޮށްފިނަމަ ޕާޓީގެ ޤަވާއިދުގައިވާ ގޮތުން ލީޑަރުކަމުގައި ހުންނަމީހަކު އެމަޤާމުން ވަކިކުރެވިދާނެއެވެ. މިހެން ވަކި ކުރުމާއެކު އޭނާ ބޮޑުވަޒީރުކަމުންވެސް ވަކި ކުރެވުނީއެވެ.
ނަމަވެސް ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމެއްގެ ރައީސަކު ވެރިކަމުން ދުރުކުރެވެނީ ހަމައެކަނި ޤާނޫނުއަސާސީގައި ބަޔާންކޮށްފައިވާ ގޮތުގެ މަތިންނެވެ. ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމެއްގެ ރައީސެއްގެ ވެރިކަން ޤާނޫނީ ގޮތުން ބަދަލު ކުރުމަކީ ވަރަށް ނާދިރު ކަމެކެވެ. ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ ރޫހާ ޚިލާފް ކަމެކެވެ.
ރައްޔިތުންގެ ބޭނުންތަކަށް އިޖާބަދިނުމުގައި ރިޔާސީ ވެރިން އިންތިހާ ދަރަޖައަށް ފަރުވާކުޑަ ކުރުމަކީ ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމުގެ އަނެއް ދޯހަޅިކަމެވެ. އެމެރިކާގަ އޮތް ނިޒާމާ ބެހޭ ގޮތުން ވޯލަޓަރ ބެޖްހޮޓް ވިދާޅުވަނީ" ސަރުކާރުން ބޭނުންވާ ޤާނޫނުތައް ނުހެދިގެން ސަރުކާރު ވަނީ ބޭނުންކެޑިފައި، ޒިންމާއެއްނެތި ޢަމަލުކުރަން ޖެހުމުގެ ސަބަބުން ޤާނޫނު ހަދާ މަޖިލިސް ވަނީ ފަސާދަވެފައި، އެމީހުން ނިންމާގޮތަށް އެމީހުންނަށް ޢަމަލުނުކުރެވޭތީ، އެހެންމީހުންގެ ހައްޤުތައް ހިފެހެއްޓުމުގެ ސަޒާ ލިބޭނީ ރައްޔިތުންނަށް، އެމީހުންނަށް ލިބިފައިވާ މިނިވަންކަން ވަނީ އެމީހުންނަށް ބޮޑުވެގެންވާ ނުތަނަވަސްކަމަކަށް" ކަމަށެވެ.
ވުމާއެކު ޖުމްލަގޮތެއްގައި ރިޔާސީ ނިޒާމަކީ ޤާނޫނީ މާހިރުންގެ ނަޒަރުގައި ޙުދުމުހުތާރު ވެރީންގެ ނިޒާމެވެ. ބަރުލަމާނީ ނިޒާމެއްގައި އެއޮންނަ ރައްޔިތުންގެ ބާރު އެނޫން އެއްވެސް ނިޒާމެއްގައި ރައްޔިތުންނަކަށް ނޯވެއެވެ. އަންނަ ހޮނިހިރު ދުވަހު ދިވެހި ރައްޔިތުން ވޯޓުލާންވީ އެމީހުންނަށް ބާރު ލިބިގަތުމަށެވެ. ބަރުލަމާނީ ނިޒާމަށެވެ.

Voting begins in historic referendum to decide on system of government

The historic referendum to choose the system of government (parliamentary or presidential) began at 7 am this morning and will close at 7 pm this evening unless people are at the polling stations at 7 pm to vote, in which case they will be allowed to vote before closing the ballot box. Despite this official claim, some resort islands did not get their ballot boxes by 7 am, such as Dhonveli Beach Resort, just 25 minutes from Male', got its box around 8 am.
Voting stopped shortly in G.Dh. Rathafandhoo around 9 am, due to a voting official, believed to be Katheeb (Island Chief) entering the polling both with a voter to cast the vote for the person. Reformists monitoring the booth got angry and threatened to throw away the box if such rigging tactics are used.
Representatives of MDP are counting the number of persons entering each polling station, to tally with the count later.
Voting is going on in all inhabited islands and several resorts and industrial islands totalling over 230.
For the first time, in this referendum, 18-21 year olds will be voting. Out of Gayyoom's 29 appointed members in the Special Majlis, 27 members voted against that motion.
And, also, for the first time, vote counting will be conducted in the respective islands and preliminary results announced this evening, rather than the ballot boxes being brought to Male' by police.
In a desperate attempt, the Maldives Dictator allowed Police and Army to vote for the first time in this poll, breaking away from the traditions. They never voted in any poll to this day.
Despite vote rigging attempts and scams, reformists are confident that they can monitor this event well enough to ensure that all goes smoothly.
One of the major concerns of most reformists is that there are hundreds of deceased names in the electoral roll or register and the authorities might use that number to rig the vote. However, reformists monitoring the ballot stations are vigilant and watching out for such events.

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Ten Healthy Reasons to Take a Vacation

The surf's calling, but if you're like many, you're feeling guilty about asking your boss for a little time off to relax--even though you desperately need it.

Not only do Americans get a meager amount of vacation time, they also tend not to use it all, according to's seventh annual Vacation Deprivation survey, conducted this spring.

Unsurprisingly, Americans got the least amount of vacation days per year among the countries surveyed, earning only 14 days vs. 24 days in Great Britain, 26 days in Germany, 30 days in Spain and 36 days in France.

And despite reporting an average of 14 vacation days this year, compared with 12 days in 2005, 35% of the more than 4,100 U.S. adults questioned said they will not use all of their time off, leaving an average of three days on the table.

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"Some people are fearful in this day and age about job security," says Munro Cullum, a professor of psychiatry and neurology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. "There's a push for productivity, and that can make people really avoid taking a vacation. Some people just figure they'll relax when they retire."

Sound familiar? Your behavior may impress your boss, but medical experts say you're not doing your health any favors.

Workaholic Woes
Stress produces physiological changes in our bodies, including higher blood pressure and a surge in stress hormones, such as adrenaline, which can cause blood to clot and increase the risk of a heart attack. By working all of the time, you're constantly subjecting your body to these responses, says Dr. Harvey Simon, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and founding editor of the Harvard Men's Health Watch.

Likewise, Cullum says, stress can impair the hippocampal function, which is crucial for the acquisition of new information, such as names, facts, PIN numbers and meeting times.

It's not clear whether vacations cause better health or whether they are just an indicator of healthier lifestyles. But taking time off does appear to have physical and mental benefits.

A 2005 study that analyzed research on 1,500 Wisconsin women showed that those who took vacations more frequently were less likely to become tense or depressed. Those women also reported being more satisfied with their marriages.

Cathy McCarty, the study's principal investigator and a senior epidemiologist for the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, says vacations help ease tension, which can lead to depression. Not taking a break also seemed to indicate that women were not spending time focusing on their marriages.

Even worse, the findings showed that nearly one in five women in the study reported taking a vacation only once in six years.

"It's the whole work culture," McCarty says. "Even people who have worked for me come to me with this tone of, 'I'm sorry, but do you mind if I take a day off?' I tell them to go--it's better for their health."

The data are damning for workaholic men, too.

A 2000 analysis of the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial, a study of more than 12,000 men ages 35 to 57 at high-risk for coronary heart disease, showed that those who took regular annual vacations had a lower risk of death than those who skipped taking time off.

Dealing With Your Vacation
If you're out of practice when it comes to getting away, experts say there are a few things you can do to make sure that when you do take a vacation, it's a relaxing one.

First off, try not to leave for your vacation on a Friday straight from work. Lugging your suitcase to the office and rushing to finish a project before dashing to the airport in rush-hour traffic will cause unnecessary stress, Cullum says. Ease into your vacation by giving yourself a day to pack.

While a three-day weekend is better than nothing, consider whether it'll really be enough time for you to unwind and feel rested. If you need more time off, take it.

And always try to schedule your vacation during a slow period at work.

"If you're worrying about that deal going through at work, you're not in the moment," says Dr. Edythe Harvey, a psychiatrist with international psychiatric center The Menninger Clinic. "You're not allowing yourself that break from constant work to re-balance yourself."
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Attorney-General Dr. Hassan Saeed and Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed resign

Attorney-General Dr. Hassan Saeed and Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed have resigned from the Cabinet today.
They are scheduled to hold a press conference at 15:30 today at..full

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Zebrafish study may point way to blindness cure

LONDON (Reuters) - The ability of zebrafish to regenerate damaged retinas has given scientists a clue about restoring human vision and could lead to an experimental treatment for blindness within five years.
British researchers said on Wednesday they had successfully grown in the laboratory a type of adult stem cell found in the eyes of both fish and mammals that develops into neurons in the retina.
In future, these cells could be injected into the eye as a treatment for diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes-related blindness, according to Astrid Limb of University College London's (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology.
Damage to the retina -- the part of the eye that sends messages to the brain -- is responsible for most cases of sight loss.
"Our findings have enormous potential," Limb said. "It could help in all diseases where the neurons are damaged, which is basically nearly every disease of the eye."
Limb and her colleagues studied so-called Mueller glial cells in the eyes of people aged from 18 months to 91 years and found they were able to develop them into all types of neurons found in the retina.
They were also able to grow them easily in the lab, they reported in the journal Stem Cells.
The cells have already been tested in rats with diseased retinas, where they successfully migrated into the retina and took on the characteristics of the surrounding neurons. Now the team is working on the same approach in humans.
"We very much hope that we could do autologous transplants within five years," Limb told Reuters.
Autologous transplants, initially on a trial basis, will involve manipulating cells and injecting them back into an individual's own eye. Eventually, Limb hopes it will also be possible to transfer the cells between different people.
"Because they are so easy to grow, we could make stem cell banks and have cell lines available to the general population, subject to typing as with blood transfusions," she said.
Just why zebrafish have an abundant supply of adult stem cells to regenerate their retinas, while they are rare in mammals, remains a mystery but Limb suspects it is because mammals have a limiting system to stop proliferation.
The new work on Mueller glial cells is the latest example of researchers exploring the potential of different kinds of stem cells in treating eye disease. Another team from UCL and Moorfield's Eye Hospital said in June they aimed to repair damaged retinas with cells derived from embryonic stem cells.