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Love on the Vox

Huge congratulations to Voxers Miss Scotch and Papi Chulo who recently got engaged. These two have been around from the very beginnings of Vox, as Papi Chulo (a.k.a. Steve) is a member of Team Vox and Miss Scotch was one of Vox's original beta testers from way back in 2006. So it was only natural for the both of them to document their engagement story here on Vox!

The first announcement came from Papi Chulo, via a mobile post straight from the scene. He snapped a photo of Miss Scotch and sent it to his Vox blog in seconds, letting all his friends and family know the good news right away. A picture's worth a thousand words, indeed. Doesn't she look ecstatic?

Then Miss Scotch updated us with her side of the story, recounting how he popped the question and calling it the happiest moment of her life so far.

A little while later, Papi Chulo posted his version of the engagement story too. He pointed out highlights of their weekend and also speculated on the worldwide benefits reaped from their union.

Altogether their posts and photos have collected nearly 200 comments so far. Feel free to stop by and add your thoughts and well wishes. Congratulations and best of luck to the happy couple! read more

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