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Salaam all,

I would like to indicate my reasons for urging everyone NOT to Vote
for Maumoon. Maumoon has promised many things in the past 30 years but
had not fulfilled many and all the money the country received has gone
to his family and cronies.
Most importantly, Maumoon has been like a Shaitaan in disguise as a
Sheikh of Islam. However, his receipt of GCMG (Grand Cross of Saint.
Michael and Saint George) is the greatest 'honour' given by Christians
and one has to kneel down and bow before Queen to get it. Many
Islamic Leaders including former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr.
Mahathir Mohamed had refused to take.

This together with Maumoon's talk on 'Siyaasathu' programme on TVM
shows how scary this man is. He has said things against Islamic
teachings of Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyas. The four sources (in that
order) that we need to refer Islamic issues.

Unlike Maumoon Anni has never said anything against Islam or Muslims
that contradict with Islamic teachings.

If he (Anni) had said anything against Islam, Maumoon would have
seized the opportunity to attack him.

Out of the last 30 years, for well over 28 years of his dictatorship,
we only had TVM VOM (his mouth-piece media ) and Haveeru (run by DRP
and his senior minister's family). Therefore, we were told that Anni
is the Anti-Islam guy and we all believed that to some extent due to
our human weakness.

The more you hear something, regardless of the facts, the higher the
chances that you will believe.

There is no reason that we can believe or trust Maumoon because he has
lied about many things including ' Vaigethereah, Javvah, Fazayyah,
Havayah' ...

Make sure, you all remember the facts on giving jobs. High-ranking
Government jobs are given to Maumoon's family members even if there
are qualified people. For example, think of Dr. Mausoom whose PhD was
focused on Tourism... he was fired for no reason to give Yamin the
tourism ministry. Yamin is the bully Maumoon uses in promoting his

And in siyaasathu program he claimed he is a Sidheequ (never lied).
BUt we all know for a fact that the man lies. He also stated in an
interview that his sons never smoked... (yeah they did drugs and got
into trouble in UK). some of us may recall long queues in Male' to get
dollars from our own dollar accounts were limited to about $200 per
person. Come-on give us a break.

Finally, let us look into current economic crisis in an economic
perspective. 70% of our GDP is spent on paying for government jobs
and expenditures. Most of it is the result of giving promotion to DRP
members. As anyone with some economic knowledge would understand, if
some one is given more money they will demand more goods or luxurious
items that they might have not demanded before. This would lead to
high demand and less supply in the market-- leading price hikes. The
sky-rocketting rent paid by isladers in Male' was one of the examples.
Government could not reduce prices but it could waiver millions of
Ruffiya owed by South Thaufeeq and many others.

Hence, I would like to urge all of you to share this information and
vote for change -- Vote for Anni.

Please pass the message to your friends and family and make sure they
understand the fact that Allah will not change a people's fate unless
they change themselves.

We need change -- Vote for Change -- Get rid of the DIctator!!

May Allah Bless our country with prosperity and save us from the
tyranny and iron-fist rule of Maumoon.

Please encourage all your friends, family and anyone you know to vote
for change. This one time you also need to make sure that your parents
do proper thinking and vote for change -- because we do not want

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Anonymous said...

My vote for "Vathan Edhey Gothah". 30 years is enough. Besides 60% of the population said NO to Maumoon. So I will respect to what the majority spoke.

Mrmv said...

Yup, vote for change