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Russell Brand And Katy Perry Plan Double Honeymoon

October 19, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): the wedding of British comedian/actor Russell Brand and pop singing sensation Katy Perry is going to take place very soon. The love birds are supposed to go on a double honeymoon after their Indian wedding. First the newly-wedded couple will head off to Mauritius and then to the nearby Maldives. The wedding date for this high-octane couple has been scheduled to take place in India on Sunday 24th October 2010.
A source close to the couple said that the double honeymoon is going to bowl over Katy Perry since she has wanted something like this for a long time. Russell chose Mauritius as the honeymoon destination because he had taken his mother Barbara to this location in 2006 and loved the place. Russell feels that his ‘Teenage Dream’ singer wife will love Mauritius and Maldives.
Reports suggest that the comedian has been consulting his mom about the wedding and honeymoon plans so that his wife can have the perfect time. With the double honeymoon the couple wants to have some alone time and take time off from their hectic schedules. Maldives and Mauritius holds a special place in Russell’s heart and we are sure Katy will love the beaches too.
Russell recently joked about having an Arctic wedding sometime in June and has the wedding conducted by a polar bear instead. Katy Perry and Russell brand will entertain their celebrity friends at a lavish Indian themed wedding in Rajasthan. Right after the wedding Brand and Perry will head off to their honeymoon destination and start their newly wedded life in the beach paradise.
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