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Michael Jackson going Muslim and Building a Mosque?

Michael Jackson Islam

According to a report on the Jewish website, quoting the Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorama, Michael Jackson is moving from Jehovah’s Witness to Muslim:

“The singer said he decided to convert to Islam because he is convinced it is the closest religion to his personal beliefs.

Jackson also noted he intends to soon move all his assets and his studio from the U.S. to Bahrain, and expressed his hope to be rid of various legal troubles and enjoy the kind of freedom he says he does not have in America.

Notably, if the reports are correct Jackson would not be the first member of his family to make the move to Islam. His brother, Jermaine, who moved to the Gulf nation of Dubai, is also a convert.

According to the sources, Jermaine was the one to provide his famous brother with books about Islam and encouraged him to convert. The report says the pop star read the books and even added his comments on some pages.

Jackson was the center of recent controversy after it was reported that he referred to Jews as “leeches” in a phone message to a former business partner.

Referring to Jews, Jackson was heard saying that “they’re like leeches…I’m so tired of it…They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up penniless. It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.””

His Jewish attorney, Brian Oxman, denied on that Michael Jackson is anti-Semitic :

“”I have been with the Jackson family for 15 years, and I’m Jewish. I have never once seen anything anti-Semitic from him or from his family.” …Oxman doesn’t deny that it’s probably Jackson’s voice on the tapes, but insists that he has never experienced any anti-Semitism from the singer or any other member of the Jackson family.

Jackson’s rep Raymone Bain is also denying that Jackson is anti-Semitic. In a press release e-mailed Wednesday, she wrote:

“Michael Jackson does not have a racist bone in his body. Never would he say anything, or do anything, that would be offensive to any ethnic group, or hurtful to any ethnic group. It is not in his character, or his being. He has spent his entire life reaching out to people throughout the world by spreading love through his music, and his philanthropic efforts. It is unfortunate that these tapes are being disseminated throughout the airways without any due diligence with regards to the authenticity.”

An Iranian website reports that Michael Jackson, who recently settled down in Bahrain has donated a huge amount of money for building a state-of-the-art mosque near his luxury palace in the Bahraini capital:

“The proposed mosque would be designated for learning the principles and teachings of Islam, as well as teaching of English language, for which high-standard teachers would be brought from United States under his personal supervision, the spokesman said.

Jackson did so as a token of appreciation to the Bahraini people, who welcomed him and treated him as if he was one of the citizens of their country.”

Sources close to Michael Jackson denied the rumours that he was planning to donate money for the building of this mosque according the Bahrain based Gulf Daily News. In the past Michael Jackson donated huge amounts of money for building Watchtower Propertie

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