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The 27th New York International Orchid Show , Rockefeller Center,April 18-22, 2006.

Information provided by the Greater New York Orchid Society

2006 Attendance: 150-200,000

Major Awards: 26 major (trophy) awards, 30 American Orchid SocietyAwards, 52 plaques and about 600 ribbons to be awardedJudging: More than 60 judges from the American Orchid Society plus selected international judges. Special fragrance judgeswill be on hand for an orchid fragrance competition and display. All judging will take place

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Special Events: April 18-22, 2007:Ikebana exhibits and floral displays 8 installations by top floral designers
Also: Daily tours led by orchid experts+ Complimentary lectures and workshops
Orchid Sales: More than 35 vendors including leading internationalcommercial orchid growers will offer between 50,000 and75,000 plants for sale. Orchid books, botanical prints,jewelry, gifts and orchid supplies will be available.
Show Personnel: Show Chairman David HorakShow Coordinator: Dawn Corbett
Show Information: Greater New York Orchid Society 212-332-6553Rockefeller Center Information 212-632-3975
For further information call the Greater New York Orchid Society at 212- 332-6577 or visit
Greater New York Orchid Society
Below are photos provided by the Greater NY Orchid Society with indications provided as to their respective photographers

Maldives opposition plan protest

The Maldives is braced for more clashes between the police and opposition activists demonstrating over a man allegedly killed in police custody.
The man's battered body was discovered in the harbour of the capital Male.
The government has denied allegations by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party that he died in police custody.
The opposition says it is losing faith in commitments made by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to loosen his nearly three-decade-long hold on power.
Severe rioting
The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) says it is determined to go ahead with a protest on Friday.
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Politics this week

In the biggest mass shooting in America's history, a student at Virginia Tech college in Blacksburg shot and killed 32 people on campus before turning the gun on himself. Cho Seung-hui, a South Korean national who emigrated to America as a child, was already in counselling and was causing concern to his teachers. College officials were criticised for not securing the campus immediately after the first two people were shot. In the more than two hours that were allowed to elapse before he resumed his killing spree, Cho took the time to post a macabre video manifesto to the NBC network in New York. See article
George Bush attended a convocation at the college and ordered flags to be flown at half-mast. A debate about gun control was begun by some, but even the Democrats backed away from calls to introduce legislation.
Paul Wolfowitz came under pressure to step down as head of the World Bank after it emerged he had secured favourable pay and work conditions for his girlfriend, a bank official. Mr Wolfowitz has spearheaded a controversial campaign against government corruption since taking charge of the bank. See article
The Supreme Court ruled, by five to four, that a ban on partial-birth abortions passed in 2003 by the then Republican Congress was constitutional. It is seen as a marked shift in the court's stance; for the first time it approved a restriction on abortion without regard for a woman's health. See article
The trial began of José Padilla, five years after he was arrested in connection with an alleged “dirty bomb” plot. Mr Padilla does not face any charges in relation to such a plot but is accused (with two co-defendants) of giving material support to terrorist groups. See article
New Jersey's governor remained in critical condition after a car crash. Jon Corzine was being driven to a conciliatory meeting he was to chair between the women's basketball team of Rutgers university and Don Imus, who was sacked from his popular radio show for making racist remarks about the players.
Confident Correa
Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, won his controversial referendum to set up a “constituent assembly” to rewrite the constitution with 80% of the vote. Some fear he may now use this to concentrate power in his own hands.
See article
In Mexico at least 20 people were killed in what police claimed was a feud between rival drug gangs. Meanwhile, in Brazil, battles between the police and competing drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro claimed the lives of 25 people.
The realm of possibilities
The campaign for the French presidential election drew to a close before polling day on April 22nd. The eventual result seemed uncertain, though the centre-right candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, looked likely to come top in the first round. See article
Demonstrations in both Moscow and St Petersburg by Other Russia, an opposition group, were broken up violently by police, who arrested a former chess champion, Garry Kasparov, one of its leading lights. The crackdown confirms that Russia's government is in no mood to brook opposition, however small.
See article
Ukraine's constitutional court began to consider whether President Viktor Yushchenko's decree dissolving parliament was constitutional. One of the judges was accused of receiving a $12m bribe. Protesters blocked the court's entrance in an effort to stop it sitting.
Leaving the country
The interim administration in Bangladesh in effect sent two of the country's former prime ministers into exile. It was announced that Khaleda Zia, prime minister until October 2006, would go to Saudi Arabia. Her rival, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, was in America, and has said she will try to defy a government order barring her from returning to Bangladesh. See article
North Korea missed the deadline—of April 14th—by when it was supposed to shut down its main nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. North Korea complains it still has not received roughly $25m frozen in accounts in a bank in Macau it regards as a precondition to closing the reactor. See article
The election commission in Nepal confirmed what many had feared: that it will not be ready to hold an election for a constituent assembly on June 20th as scheduled. The date was set as part of a peace agreement between mainstream political parties and Maoist rebels.
The mayor of Japan's southern city of Nagasaki was shot dead by a member of a criminal gang while campaigning for re-election.
Tensions rose in the Maldives after the death of a man the main opposition party, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), alleges was killed in police more

Richard Gere kiss sparks India protests

Actor Richard Gere has sparked protests in India after kissing Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty at an Aids awareness rally in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI (AP) - Angry crowds in several Indian cities are burning effigies of Richard Gere.
It's happening after Gere swept a popular Bollywood actress into his arms and kissed her several times during an AIDS-awareness event. Photographs of Gere embracing Shilpa Shetty and kissing her on the cheek at an HIV/AIDS awareness event in New Delhi were splashed across front pages.
India is a country where sex and public displays of affection are largely taboo.
In Mumbai, members of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group Shiv Sena beat burning effigies of Gere with sticks and set fire to glamourous shots of Shetty.
Similar protests have broken out in other cities.
The two appeared at a news conference in New Delhi on Sunday to highlight the HIV/AIDS epidemic among India's truck drivers. In front of a cheering crowd, Gere kissed the giggling Shetty on the hand, then kissed her on both cheeks before bending her in a full embrace to kiss her cheek again.
"This is a bit too much," Shetty said after the embrace.
On Monday, Shetty tried to stamp out the controversy.
"I understand this is his culture, not ours. But this was not such a big thing or so obscene for people to overreact in such manner," she told the Press Trust of India news agency.
"I understand people's sentiments, but I don't want a foreigner to take bad memories from here," PTI quoted her as saying.
The spokesman for Hindu nationalist party, Bharatiya Janata party, condemned the kiss.
"Such a public display is not part of Indian tradition," said Prakash Javadekar, according to PTI.
Shetty, already well-known in India, became an international star after her appearance on the British reality show "Celebrity Big Brother" - another controversial public appearance.
A fellow contestant, Jade Goody, sparked international headlines by making allegedly racist comment to Shetty. Mobs took to the streets of India to denounce Goody, and Shetty went on to win the competition.

Row over Maldives 'custody' death

Tensions have been high in the Maldives after weekend protests over the death of a man who opposition parties allege was killed in police custody.

Hussain Salah's body was pulled from a harbour in the capital on Sunday.
The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) says he was beaten to death in custody, a charge officials deny.
The Maldives government has been under pressure over its human rights record in recent years and legalised opposition parties only in 2005.
Negotiations between the authorities and the opposition saw a number of opposition figures released from jail last year.
But the MDP now says preparations for landmark multiparty elections due in 2008 are taking too long.
'Violent mob'
The government says Mr Salah was arrested on drugs charges and died after he was released on Friday.

President Gayoom is accused of introducing reform too slowly
It said "unruly crowds" of opposition supporters had roamed the streets. There had been a number of arrests.
"MDP supporters also created unrest... A number of police constables were injured as the violent mob hurled stones and projectiles, and torched public property. Some of the injuries were serious," a statement from chief government spokesman Mohamed Shareef said.
The MDP said one of its senior leaders, Mohamed Nasheed, had been badly beaten by police and then briefly detained following the disturbances.
He was freed early on Monday morning.(read more)
Source from BBC WORLD NEWS

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Maldives invites Malaysians to help develop 40 island resorts

THE Republic of Maldives is inviting Malaysian businesses to participate in the proposed development of another 40 island resorts to cater to the country's expanding tourism sector.
Targeted sectors for investment include the hospitality industry, fishery, construction and infrastructure."The current development in our tourism industry offers numerous opportunities for Malaysian businesses in investing in resorts and hotels, trading and construction," Maldives Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Dr Mahmood Shougy said in a statement.He was in Kuala Lumpur recently to meet with outbound Malaysian tour operators and representatives of chambers of commerce on the opportunities available in Maldives' tourism industry."Malaysia is a key target for inbound investments and trade because of its excellent record as a regional player. Malaysian entrepreneurs are well known for their creative energies and willingness to take risk," Maldives High Commissioner to Malaysia Midhath Hilmy added. The Maldives has been enjoying impressive economic development over the past two decades. With annual GDP growth averaging 7.4 per cent over the last 10 years and inflation maintained at low levels, it is keen to open its doors for Malaysian businesses to participate in its exotic island tourism product.To create more awareness of the opportunities available, an investment trade show titled "Maldives Open for Business" will be held in July this year.The trade show will provide a platform for Malaysian business representatives to meet with their Maldivian counterparts and explore the possibilities for future collaboration.The High Commission has also established a Business Service Centre or helpdesk, to provide information and facilitate business-to-business contact."The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives, particularly in the tourism sector, has been increasing steadily. "With the ongoing expansion plans, more big name international hoteliers are expected to come in," Mahmood added.The Maldives comprises 1,190 islands known for their white beaches and enchanting scenery. Its economy is largely based on tourism and fishing.

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The Maldives - Water Wonderworld

SUMMARY: What some people call a "thousand Robinson Crusoe islands" could be your next travel destination. The Maldives are ideal for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a private getaway.The Maldives are a perfect destination for a holiday, especially if you enjoy the water and all it has to offer. What some people call a "thousand Robinson Crusoe islands" could be your next travel destination. The Maldives are ideal for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a private getaway. They are the destination of choice for those that enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling.Warm temperatures all year round, picturesque scenery, and deep-sea underwater diving are just a few of the great reasons to book a trip to this beautiful Maldivian wonderland. Each of the 86 tourist resorts comprising the Maldives caters for scuba diving, and every one has scuba instructors, equipment, and easy set-up for underwater expeditions.Special courses cover night diving, rescue diving, underwater photography, simple naturalism, and sharks. The growing interest in marine biology amongst students and laymen has influenced the Maldives' instructional courses. All the dive schools instruct in English, at least. It's not uncommon to have German, Italian, French, and Japanese instruction availability.Some dive schools are instructor development centers, yet others cater to a large variety of advanced and specialized dive courses. All are concerned for safety and security so you will always be in good hands.These are the ideal islands to get your introduction into scuba diving because all the islands have the basic equipment of compressors, tanks, BCDs, wetsuits, weight belts, etc. Some islands even rent out underwater cameras and video cameras. Snorkeling is better for those afraid of deep sea diving, and surfing is better for those that want to stay above the waves.
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Breaking News: The Winners of Femina Miss India 2007

Femina Miss India has just finished now. There were 25 contestants and 3 shone in the competition.

They are:
Miss India 2007 World- Sarah-Jane Dias
Miss India 2007 Universe- Puja Gupta
Miss India 2007 Earth - Pooja Chitgopekar

Now, let me tell a bit more about these 3 winners.
Pooja Chitgopekar
Twenty one year old Pooja Chitgopekar lives in New Zealand. She is doing her MBBS from University of Auckland. Earlier, Pooja won Miss India New Zealand 2002. She was the first runner up in Miss India Worldwide 2003 and Miss Auckland 2002. She worked as a ramp model for New Zealand fashion week. She came to participate in Miss India beauty contest because she believes that Femina Miss India would help her express her opinions.

Puja Gupta
Some girls want to be model, some actress, some money and fame but Puja Gupta is exceptional. Her dream is to become a writer. Independent, friendly, Puja loves yoga, writing, horse riding and drawing. She is an outgoing person who loves to travel meet new people and know about other cultures.

Sarah-Jane Dias:
In Miss India 2007 contest, if someone is in deep trouble with her body it is Sarah-Jane Dias. She is now struggling with her weights. Sarah won Miss India Oman in 1995. Currently, she is working as a VJ in Channel [V]. Her main weakness is her addiction. In future, she wants to travel around the world. Her ability to talk with anyone is her major strength. Since childhood, Sarah wanted to become Miss India and now is her chance.

And yes, she has done it.

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Sight seen tour in Kaula Lampur on 7th April 2007- PART 1

World largest 2nd Tower - KL Tower
Charles Brooke Memorial was built on the 19th October 1924 as a remembrance of Charles Brooke's rule in Sarawak. Charles Brooke was the nephew of the James Brooke, the first White Rajah of Sarawak. There are carvings on the four sides of the monument. The first carving is of James Brooke. The second carving is that of Datuk Patinggi Ali who was a brave malay warrior. The third carving is that of Rentap who was a famous leader of the Iban community. The fourth carving is that Ason who was a headman of the Chinese community.

Tugu Peringatan Negara atau juga dikenali sebagai Tugu Negara Malaysia disiapkan 8 Februari 1966 sebagai penghormatan kepada lebih 11 ribu perajurit yang gugur jasa-jasa pahlawan yang gugur dalam Perang Dunia I (1914-1918), Perang Dunia II (1935-1942) dan semasa Darurat (1948-1960). Ia terletak di ibu negara, Kuala Lumpur berhampiran dengan bangunan Parlimen.
Pada setiap tahun, 11 November, satu perbarisan hormat akan diadakan di Tugu Negara. Tugu tersebut menggambarkan sekumpulan tentera mengibar bendera negara,
Jalur Gemilang. Setiap patung gangsa tersebut melambangkan pimpinan, getir, persatuan, siap sedia, kekuatan, keberanian, dan pengorbanan.
Dibina pada tahun
1966, tugu tersebut berdiri setinggi 15 meter, diperbuat daripada gangsa dan direka oleh pengukir Austria, Felix de Weldon yang bertanggung jawab bagi Tugu Peringatan Perang USMC (USMC War Memorial) di Virginia, Amerika Syarikat.
Pada tahun
1975, tugu tersebut mengalami kerosakan teruk akibat letupan yang diletakkan oleh pengganas komunis. Ia kini telah dipulihkan pada keadaan asal.

to be continue.....
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(AnDing,the girl in front, Liyi,2nd row, XuJie, 3rd row guy)(*PS: i only got the picture of AnDing who is going to be exchange to NTU, dont have the other 2 of them, dont mistook the other in the picture as the ones gg to NTU)Yep, heard that the 3 locals chosen out of 10 who are supposed to be exchanged to NTU next semester are confirmed.It seem that those who are not chosen, werent that depressed because they felt their chances were slim due to their level of english which in my opinions are already better than many people in the class if not they werent be shortlisted in the first place.Out of the 3, AnDing, had specially prepared for this chance to go to singapore because her boyfriend went to study in SMU last year and this was her golden opportunity to see him. Hmm... weird that all the chosen ones are girls and no guys made it in the interview~Glad to see her wish come true and hope they will endure through the long separation (6 years= 2 years bonded in spore+4 yrs SMU study) and a happy ending.

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‘S Asia’s poverty could fall dramatically if growth continues’

Poverty in South Asia, the region with the world’s largest concentration of poor people, could fall dramatically within a generation if the current pace of economic growth continues, the World Bank said on Wednesday.The region’s economies have grown strongly in recent years, led by India, which has posted growth rates of up to 9 percent in the last year, compared with 5 or 6 percent on average in the last 10 to 15 years, said John A Roome, the bank’s operations director for South Asia.South Asia has been also successful in significantly reducing the number of poor people, Roome said. About 150 million people have been lifted out of poverty in the last 10 to 15 years, he said at a press conference. “These positive trends give us a lot of optimism,” Roome said. “If certain key challenges can be addressed, poverty can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, within a generation.”Roome did not elaborate on the bank’s projections for reducing poverty, but bank said in its January report that the proportion of people living in extreme poverty, defined as those living on less than $1 a day, should fall by at least by one-half between 1990 and 2015.The challenges include sustaining and accelerating the rates of growth in the region, which covers Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.Governments must also address the rising inequality, and tackle malnutrition and infant mortality, Roome said, in Tokyo with other World Bank officials for annual consultations with the Japanese government and businesses.The bank said in the January report on eliminating poverty that South Asia also needed to improve infrastructure, citing daily power outages in Bangladesh and Nepal and impassable rural roads in the impoverished state of Bihar in India. It also called for improvement in the investment climate by reducing the red tape required to start a business.
Source: ap

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My journey at 5th April 2007

Empty bench at Male' Internation Airport - Maldives...
Singapore Changan Airport
Malaysian Airport at morning sunrise Sparks shop at Malaysian Airport terminal
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Weekend Trip gifts

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