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(AnDing,the girl in front, Liyi,2nd row, XuJie, 3rd row guy)(*PS: i only got the picture of AnDing who is going to be exchange to NTU, dont have the other 2 of them, dont mistook the other in the picture as the ones gg to NTU)Yep, heard that the 3 locals chosen out of 10 who are supposed to be exchanged to NTU next semester are confirmed.It seem that those who are not chosen, werent that depressed because they felt their chances were slim due to their level of english which in my opinions are already better than many people in the class if not they werent be shortlisted in the first place.Out of the 3, AnDing, had specially prepared for this chance to go to singapore because her boyfriend went to study in SMU last year and this was her golden opportunity to see him. Hmm... weird that all the chosen ones are girls and no guys made it in the interview~Glad to see her wish come true and hope they will endure through the long separation (6 years= 2 years bonded in spore+4 yrs SMU study) and a happy ending.

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