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2nd Maldivian Flickr Meet

Who said "CHICKS" dont attend flickr meetups...!
The 2nd Flicker meet up was a GREAT..! 35 people attended this meet up held at the roof top (central hotel)3 stunning prices were given out as a lucky draw for all participants which includes an awesome pair of D&G sunnies (sunglasses) worth 240$Certificates and prizes were awarded to 12 flickerites... We were really fortunate to have Minister of information arts and culture Mr Nasheed + other vip's participating in this event.On a personal note i believe this is the beggining of something wonderful.
read more..from Minister Nasheed blog

Congratulattion! my flickr best coolest friend Muha

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

Microsoft takes a ($6-billion) page from Google

Microsoft Corp. [MSFT-Q]sought to quell Google Inc.'s [GOOG-Q]growing dominance in the lucrative Internet advertising business Friday by orchestrating its biggest acquisition yet, a $6-billion (U.S.) purchase of an online marketing firm.
Microsoft's offer for Seattle-based aQuantive Inc. [AQNT-Q] represents almost twice what Google paid just last month for privately held DoubleClick Inc. Both technology giants are moving to strengthen their hands in the hot, emerging sector of brokering and managing Internet advertisements.
Microsoft is widely believed to have lost out in a bidding war for DoubleClick, and its all-cash offer for aQuantive, representing an 85-per-cent premium above the firm's market value, is designed to leave little room for a competitor to muscle in.
"We believe it's exactly the right company to buy, and hence we're willing to pay," Microsoft chief financial officer Chris Liddell said on a conference call outlining the Friday. read more

Maldives says sinks suspected Tamil Tiger vessel

COLOMBO (Reuters) - The Maldives coast guard opened fire on and sank a vessel carrying suspected Tamil Tiger rebels on Thursday after a 12-hour standoff at sea in the island nation's southern territorial waters, the government said.
However, one man who threw himself overboard before the clash and surrendered spoke the south Indian language Malayalam and not Tamil, and officials were treating the alleged rebel link with caution.
"We have sunk the vessel. We have captured the five people aboard," Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed told Reuters by telephone from the Maldivian capital of Male.
According to a government spokesman, one of the captured men said four people he believed to be Tamil Tigers had boarded his 80-ft (25 metres) fishing trawler at sea and loaded it with guns and mortar bombs.
He said confusion arose over an initial coast guard report saying the man had identified himself as a Tamil Tiger.
"We are now treating this with caution, because the man was speaking Malayalam and not Tamil," said chief government spokesman Mohamed Shareef.
The Tigers denied any involvement.
"We are not operating in that area," Tiger military spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiraiyan said from the rebels' de facto state in Sri Lanka's far north. "These guys are not our people."


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House Crow arround the Maldives

The House Crow (Corvus splendens), also known as the Colombo Crow is a common Asian bird of the Crow family. It is between the Jackdaw and the Carrion Crow in size (40 cm in length) but is relatively slimmer than either. The forehead, crown, throat and upper breast are a richly glossed black, whilst the neck and breast are a lighter grey-brown in colour. The wings, tail and legs are black. There are regional variations in the thickness of the bill and the depth of colour in areas of the plumage.
Distribution and habitat
It has a widespread distribution in southern Asia, being native to
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Laccadive Islands, South West Thailand and coastal southern Iran. It has been introduced to East Africa around Zanzibar and Port Sudan, and arrived in Australia via ship but has up to now been exterminated. It is associated with human settlements in all of its range, from small villages to large cities.
Due to a human population explosion in the areas it inhabits, this species has also proportionately multiplied. Being an omnivorous scavenger has enabled it to thrive in such circumstances, given that western standards of hygiene infrastructure in the Indian subcontinent is uncommon. Moreover this species (like several other
Corvus species) is known for its cleverness. Among bird hunters it is generally accepted that unlike most birds, these crows can instantly recognise a gun and take flight in an instant.

It feeds largely on human scraps, small
reptiles and other animals such as insects and other small invertebrates, eggs, nestlings, grain and fruits. Most food is taken from the ground, but also from trees as opportunity arises. It is a highly opportunistic bird and given its omnivorous diet, it can survive on nearly anything that is edible.

At least some trees in the local environment seem to be necessary for its successful breeding. It lays 3-6 eggs in a typical stick nest, and occasionally there are several nests in the same tree. In
South Asia they are parasitized by the Asian Koel.

The voice is a harsh caaa-caaa

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Spidey film is full of bloopers

The website is already listing 16 blunders in the film.
Site creator Jon Sandys is surprised at how many errors have been spotted so far.
They include:
* In numerous scenes Spider-Man is clearly wearing contact lenses - although earlier movies establish that Peter's spider powers give him perfect vision.
* When Spider-Man is in the bell tower, removing his black suit, it's raining and dark outside - but at the same time outside the front door of the church it is bright and sunny.
* Peter's hair looks different when we see his reflection he's looking at himself in the mirror in his apartment.
Jon said: "I expect every movie to have a few mistakes, as it's something a lot of film fans enjoy keeping an eye out for, but what's been spotted so far are far more blatant than I'd think a film of this budget would suffer from.
"The mistakes are unlikely to keep fans away, despite the lukewarm reviews, but anyone not enjoying the movie can at least look out for a few bloopers to amuse themselves." currently lists 69,000 mistakes from more than 5,200 titles.
Spider-Man 3 became the most successful new film release of all time when it took £74 million in its opening weekend at the UK box office.

Britney: Sex is better now i'm pregnant

Britney Spears says that she loves being pregnant, because sex is "better than it was before".
According to The Sun online quoting America's People magazine she said: "I think it's best. Sex is crazy good."
Britney, also revealed she was left speechless after seeing the first scan of her baby reports.
"You can't really say anything. I was emotional. I think it's the best feeling in the world."
She also says she's in no rush to get back to work.
She added: "I'm sure there's going to come a time when I get back to work again, but it'll be a totally different way of life than it was before."

PM 'to tell Queen resignation date'

Tony Blair may choose Wednesday to tell the Queen that he intends to stand down as Labour leader and end a decade as her Prime Minister.
A public announcement on Mr Blair's plans to quit the Labour leadership is expected on Thursday, following his promise of a "definitive" statement on his future this week.
Mr Blair's plans for the future, and Gordon Brown's expected arrival at 10 Downing Street, are likely to dominate the weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.
Both the Prime Minister and the Queen flew back to London on Tuesday night, and many at Westminster expect Mr Blair to use his regular weekly audience at Buckingham Palace to inform Her Majesty in advance of his intentions.
But his official spokesman was unable to confirm whether an audience was scheduled.
Audiences traditionally take place on Tuesdays, but can be held on a different day when that is more convenient.
The official spokesman stressed that there was no constitutional requirement for the Prime Minister to tell the Queen that he plans to step down as Labour leader, and declined to discuss whether he would do so as a matter of courtesy.
Mr Blair's expected announcement on Thursday will not trigger his immediate departure as Prime Minister, but will kick off a process expected to result in the handover of the reins of power to Mr Brown close to the start of July.
The statement will come hot on the heels of Tuesday's restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive, which Mr Blair hopes will cement peace in the province as a central part of his legacy as Prime Minister.
Mr Blair returned from Belfast following the historic scenes at Stormont as the Queen was flying home from her visit to the United States.