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Who am I and what am I doing here? For thousands of years, men and women have pondered the meaning of life and their place in the cosmos. Whole civilizations were born, grew up, and died around their answers to these questions. From the ancient Egyptians through the Industrial Revolution, from Romeo and Juliet to you and me, each person and each society defines for itself what is important, and hence how to put order to life and resources.

Context is everything. Imagine the commitment of time and energy necessary to build the pyramids. Did the Egyptians (or their captives) gladly march to Cheops, eager contributors to their Pharaoh's immortality, or were they coerced, baking miserably in the Saharan Sun? For one, each day is slavery, while another exalts in the culmination of a life's dream.

What about you? What is important in your life? How well do you know your context? The same way that on a macro-scale it is the governing ethos that defines a civilization, on a micro-scale, it is your Life Purpose that defines what is significant.

Knowing your Life Purpose makes clear the core issues of your existence, sheds new light on the key events and people in your life, and brings a new understanding to current circumstances.

Look around you. A new world view is emerging, and with it, a new definition of what is important. Like all preceding world views, from Cleopatra's to Newton's, our current version, advanced though it may be, has been found confining and incomplete; confining in that too many people work at jobs with little or no satisfaction; incomplete in that it has disregarded humanity's universal need to contribute to something greater than ourselves, to connect to our soul, our spirituality, and its expression point in each of us in the form of our Life Purpose.

Adapt or perish. Any country, company or person that cannot or will not adhere to this emerging reality is doomed. The Information Age will self destruct, stillborn, choking on a glut of lifeless data if it cannot add to the value of people's lives, help individuals define and manifest that which is really important, help all of us better connect to our spiritual center.

Like seeing the oak tree contained within the acorn, one's soul purpose can be seen in the wave energy imprint frozen in the form of our fingerprints five months prior to birth. An understanding of this Life Purpose map revolutionizes our understanding of who we are and therefore what is important. Through this redefinition, we can better participate in humanity's daunting task of recreating civilization in the twenty-first century.

Read on to find out more about your Life Purpose.
The journey of life begun
That fateful day I was born
My eyes opened up blissfully to the sun
My soul, heart and brain emerged as one
Behold my journey had begun!

This little child in time has grown
Yes! Time has flown, time has flown
A lot has been learnt on my very own

Life has been a mystifying journey
With every up and down
With tears and laughter
With hate and love
With stupidity and wisdom
With enemies and friends
But even in my journey of frustration
I have found a means of celebration
In my toilsome exploration to my fateful destination

Tick tock, the clock goes on
Minute by minute, then hourly
Month by month then yearly
Tick tock, and in my journey
I have searched, questioned and answered
Whilst walking painfully along many paths
Sometimes requesting protection
Seeking from above immunization
When hit by obstacles in locations

But I am still on this journey
Shaking hands with the sad and merry
My passion for life which was once raw
Is now confined within the Almighty’s law
For life's journey itself never ends
Once you have reached the end of each road
Uplifting off your entire cloggy load
Be it in a hot summer or a winter’s cold
Behold! A new journey will unfold.

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