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What is happening on 07.07.07 ?

You will find out within the next 19 months. It's hot and maybe May is better. But it doesn't matter. I just look at you and nothing matters. Can I check my email now? I just want to check this website. Hey stop it. Not with the red rubbish. Let me check my email now, you get on my nerves.

Question: What is 07.07.07?
Answer: The perfect wedding date.
Just kidding. It’s also the date of
Live Earth, a series of live concerts around the world to raise awareness of global warming.
It’s like Live Aid’s younger brother.
It’s also Al Gore’s latest project. Formerly known as the person who lost a US Presidential Election, he is now the face of the crusade against global warming:

The “7″ in the dates also stands for the 7 continents where the various concerts will be held. Isn’t that cool?
Star Bamboo is a Green Label recipient, I got an email on what’s happening in Singapore from our friends over at Singapore Environment Council (SEC):
Dear Green Label members and SEC Friends
On 7th July Saturday at Merlion Park One Fullerton, there will be a LIVE EARTH Satellite Concert Screening. (
The screening will kick off in the morning (as Australia Sydney will be the first to start the ball rolling). We are pleased to have a big screen at One Fullerton to bring you the best from all over 7 continents. It is Free Admission.
The concert is set to feature over 100 headlining music acts, across all seven continents. Artists such as Madonna, Alicia Keys, The Smashing Pumpkins, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue, Snow Patrol and Jennifer Lopez are among the big names who will grace the show.
If you are attending, as a please bring your own tupperware for drinks and food, as concert shows always produces a lot of trash.
Reduce Waste First, followed by Recycling.
The Singapore Environmental Council will also be there.
–Singapore Environment Council

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