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Even as security agencies pin the Hyderabad terror attack on the Bangladesh based militant outfit HUJI, links to Maldives also emerge.

Security agencies have confirmed the involvement of Bangladesh based militant outfit Huji in the bomb blasts that rocked Hyderabad on Saturday (Aug 25). And now it is now also being suggested that there is evidence of a Maldives link to the terror threat to India. TIMES NOW gives an report.

Investigation into the twin balsts that shook Hyderabad on Saturday continues. The suspect now narrowed down to the HUJI and its Karachi based commander Abdul Sahil Mohammed.

Reports suggest, Mohammad had left several internet-chat messages for his Hyderabad operatives asking them to go ahead with the plans authorised by him.

The involvement of the HUJI points the terror link to Bangladesh. A country going through extreme politcal turmoil Bangladesh is become a haven for terrorists. The HUJI which was established here in 1992 with assistance from Osama Bin Laden has several camps here, some backed by the ISI.

For India, the growth of terrorism in Bangladesh has been worrying as the porus border with India's north-east offers easy access to militant groups. Recent evidence also showed the HUJI using Madrasas in the area to recruit activists.

As the political insability in Bangladesh grows, the Indian government is watching the situation closely. The Indian government also wants to develop a mechanism with Bangladesh to discuss an anti-terror mechanism.

With the military regime in Bangladesh also cracking down on hardline Islamic parties, the militant groups have started to look for alternative routes into India. One such route is via the Maldives. Militant groups are using routes from Pakistan and Bangladesh via Male in Maldives, primarily to target South Indian cities.

In Maldives, political instability has brought trouble. Abdul Gayoom has been President for 29 years, partially aided by India that helped him fight a coup in 1998. But as his pouplaity drops, Islamic parties have risen. The main opposition group is also said to have several hardline elements in it. Reports suggest Maldives is like Bali where Islamic terror has found a foothold.

For India, which is fighting terror on several fronts, threats presented from Bangladesh and Maldives add to its worries. India has successfully evolved a joint terror mechanism with Pakistan but will need to work on simmilar lines to respond to this threat...TIMES NOW - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos -

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