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Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was sworn in as the Maldives' 4th president

November 11 -2008 - Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was sworn in as the Maldives'' 4th president Tuesday morning after beating Maumoon Abdul Gayoom last month in the Indian Ocean archipelago''s first multi-party presidential election. other new top headlines from all around world

Maldives 3rd President -Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
Maldives 2nd President - Ibrahim Nasir
Maldives 1st President - Mohamed Ameen

MDP ITHIHAAD Decided on Cabinet Posts

With effect from Novemeber 11, 2008. The following cabinet will help MDP Ithihaadh President– elect­ Mohamed Nasheed to run the govt effectively and smoothly to strengthen the democratic institution and for the prosperous of the nation. We applaud the new cabinet and help them to rebuild the nation.
May Allah guide them to the right path and assist them in their way for the benefit of the people of Maldives. Aameen

1) Home – Hon Qasim Ibrahim - Jumhoori Pary

2) Defense Ministry – Hon Ameen Fisal - MDP

3) Health Ministry – Hon Aminath Jameel - MDP

4) Housing & Transport Ministry – Hon Mohamed Aslam (Aslamtey) MDP

5) Fisheries & Agriculture Ministry– Hon Dr Ibrahim Didi- MDP

6) Finance Ministry – Hon Ali Hashim - MDP

7) Ministry of Economic and Developement – Mohamed Rasheed - Gawmee Ithihaad Party

8) Education Ministry – Hon Dr Musthafa Lutfy - Gawmee Ithihaad Party

9) Attorney General ­Ministry – Hon Dhiyana Saeed - Jumhoori Party

10) Tourism Ministry ­­­– Hon Ahmed Ali Sawaad - Jumhoori Party

11) Islamic Affairs Ministry – Hon Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Baaree - Adhaalath Party

12) Foreign Ministry – Hon Dr Ahmed Shaheed - Qawmee Party ( Dr Hassan's)

13) Ministry of Civil Aviation and Communication – Hon Dr Mohamed Jameel - Qawmee Party ( Dr. Hassan's)

14) Ministry of Human Resource Youth & Sports Ministry – Hon Hassan Latheef - Ibra Party

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The Editor in Chief of Dhivehi Observer, Ahmed Moosa (Sappe') arrive Maldives today

Sappe...I still can remember your BBC interview on the that day and the day you left to UK to begin this journey of liberation. I am sure there is none who would be more happier than you on this great day. Yes Man, we have all done that. We all joined in hands to liberate us from the greatest dictator on the earth. Al hamdh lillahi....WELCOME TO RETURNED HOME Bro!

We all Maldivians appreciate your continued support to bring us freedom and democracy. You are a true hero of this beautiful country. I inspire you for ur commitment, dedication and hard work as to bring us all the most current events through peoples press.
Thank you very much for all what you have done.
I wish you and your family happiness, good health. May god bless u and ur family.

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Barack Hussein Obama refuses to place his hand over his heart to pledge allegiance to the United States of America.  See the original photo in Time Magazine.  Check it out on Snopes.  It's true.That was the most wonderful feeling; sitting right across the television and watching Obama become president amidst all those cheers and sounds. God bless him.

Dhivehi Observer’s Editor, Sappe will arriving on EK morning flight on Saturday 8th Nov

[5:34:19 PM] Sappe says: I am arriving on EK morning flight on Saturday 8th Nov

A. S. I. Moosa, B Eng. Hons. , M Phil. Eng.

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Heroes of Noon Atoll Velidhoo for democratic revolution and also peoples for fights for a cause......

Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), of the Maldivian Democratic Party Alliance has been formally declared as the winner of the 2nd round of the Presidential Election held on 28th October 2008.
The final official results were announced by the Election Commission as Mohamed Nasheed getting 97,222 (54.21%) and Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom getting 82,121 (45.79%). The total number of cancelled or void votes was 1,861. The total number of eligible voters is 209,294. The total turnout therefore works out as 86.5%.

Anni and the Alliances definitely made history!!!

Photo by maapu

Profile: Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) our 4th President of Maldives

The remarkable political journey of the 41-year-old leader started at John Moores University in Liverpool in 1984 where he read maritime studies. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989 he returned to the Maldives and became a very vocal critic of President Maumoon Addul Gayoom, who had then been in power for 13 years.

In 1991 Anni was jailed and made an Amnesty International "prisoner of conscience" for writing for the popular political magazine Sangu. It was to be the first of 13 occasions when he was jailed for showing open dissent to Mr Gayoom's autocratic regime, on one occasion claiming he was so badly beaten that he now walks with a limp.

In 2000 Anni was elected as a representative of the capital Male in the People's Majlis, or parliament, and this soon became his power base.

Six months later, in 2001 he was tried and sentenced to two and half years in prison for the theft of unspecified "government property". On his release he fled the Maldives and in November 2003 joined with Mohamed Latheef to form the Maldivian Democratic Party while in exile in Sri Lanka.

In the same year a political prisoner, Hassan Evan Nassem, died in custody at the hands of the security forces causing waves of protest across the islands and a chorus of criticism abroad.

This hugely increased the pressure on Mr Gayoom to progress with democratic reforms, especially after Mr Nasheed was granted political asylum by the British Government the following year.

After about 18 months in self-proclaimed exile when he forged close ties to Britain's Conservative party, he returned to Male in April 2005 to a hero's welcome. When political parties were finally declared legal in June he built a network of support across the archipelago with branches on nearly all the 200 inhabitated islands.

In August 2005, he was arrested again during a sit in to mark the second anniversary of Black Friday, the violent putting down of a peaceful protest in the Male the previous year. He was charged with terrorism and his arrest again provoked huge unrest and civil disobedience. However, by now Mr Gayoom's grip on the Maldives was weakening and in the same year he finally agreed to a roadmap to democratic reform which resulted in the countries first free presidential elections in October 2008.

Like the plot from a Alexander Dumas novel the prisoner who he had jailed so many times in the hope the people of the Maldives would forget about him eventually became his nemesis and ended his 30 years in power.

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photo by maapu

Congratulation Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) and MDP unite!

2 - Mohamed Nasheed
54.21% (97222 votes)

1 - Maumoom A Gayyoom
45.79% (82121 votes)

A FORMER political prisoner, repeatedly jailed by Maldivian president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom yesterday defeated the 30-year incumbent in a historic run-off election in the Indian Ocean tourist haven and luxury hideaway.

Opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed's victory in the first multi-party democratic polls in the archipelago with a population of around 300,000 Muslims ends the reign of Asia's longest-serving leader, whose rule was likened to that of a sultan.

President Gayoom won the first round earlier this month but failed to secure the 50 per cent needed for outright victory over Nasheed.

Citing provisional figures, election commissioner Mohamed Ibrahim said yesterday in the capital Male that Nasheed had won 54.2 per cent of the vote against 45.8 registered by Gayoom in the polls that were the culmination of extended pro-democracy protests and international pressure to introduce political reforms.

Maumoon needs 89.99 percent from the remaining 15% of vote results not announed, which is almost impossible. Congratulations His Excellency President Elect Mohamed Nasheed.
Photo by Mauroof Khaleel


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