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Suharto, Former Indonesian Dictator, Dies at 86 - New York Times

Mr. Suharto had been hospitalized on Jan. 4 with heart, lung and kidney problems, according to medical officials of Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta. His condition worsened dramatically over the weekend and he lost consciousness and stopped breathing on his own, they said.

A statement issued by the chief presidential doctor, Marjo Subiandono, said he was declared dead at 1:10 p.m. The cause of death was given as multi-organ failure.

Mr. Suharto was driven from office in 1998 by widespread rioting, economic paralysis and political chaos. His rule was not without accomplishment; he led Indonesia to stability and nurtured economic growth. But these successes were ultimately overshadowed by his pervasive and large-scale corruption; repressive, militarized rule; and a convulsion of mass bloodletting when he seized power in the late 1960s that took at least 500,000 lives.

As the leader of one of the world’s most populous countries, Mr. Suharto and his family became notorious for controlling state enterprises and taking kickbacks for government contracts, for siphoning money from state charities and for committing gross violations of human rights. read more

Sunday, 27 January 2008 at 1.10 pm. H.M. Soeharto passed away in 87 years old. Before, he was admitted for 24 days at RSPP (Hospital of Central PERTAMINA). May ALLAH accepts him in the best place, forgives his mistakes and shower him with blessing. Well, although most of Indonesian are still sure that he was a mastermind who should responsible for so many coup, riots, kidnapped, corruption, etc. Please remember what has he dedicated for Indonesia. He was the father of Indonesian Development. He had succesfully brought Indonesia to extraordinary progress after 32 years, during he was being our President. No body's perfect!

Good bye, Pak Harto!!! We'll always remember your merits to Indonesia. Hope your merits will be one of so many considerations of GOD in heaven. Insha Allah, GOD will placing you at properly place in heaven.

P.S. from 27 January to 3rd February 2008 is national mourned day. Dont forget to hang flag at half mast!

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