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Happy Wedding Day- A Day to Remember

Congratulations and I hope you have a perfect wedding day and a wonderful ... Wish you both a very happy married life. I am so happy to see you two finally tie the knot, once again
Congratulations to my cousin bro, Imma who has officially married his fiance, Badu. I've mentioned my brother many times on the blog, Well that and he met the love of his life.;P

I am as happy as you both for all these wonderful things to happen. I wish you all the happiness and I do look forward to see you both building a family together, and mostly importantly seeing myself being an Uncle to your future kids. I have witnessed the time you both have spent together and I am honoured to be your best-man and be part of this very special day of yours.
Imma, we are always brothers and Holly, we are always a family. Don't forget these advice bro;P

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