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Quicksilber / Mercury

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The No Observable Effects Level (NOEL) for Mercury is ZERO
80% of inhaled mercury vapour is absorbed through the lungs and distributed throughout the body
Mercury from amalgam is absorbed into the body at a rate of 1 - 27 mcg per day
Mercury is the third most toxic substance known to man after lead and arsenic
Mercury constitutes about 50% of amalgam fillings
Mercury is released continuously form set amalgam for the life of the filling
Mercury causes single strand breaks in DNA

Mercury is Mutagenic

Mercury causes a reduction in immune function

Mercury can bind to proteins in the body and begin a chain of autoimmune disease

Mercury from amalgam crosses the placenta and breast milk

Mercury enters the fetus and new born child from the mother's amalgam fillings

Mercury levels in the fetus are directly related to the number of amalgam fillings in the mother's mouth

Mercury from amalgam causes a reduction in Kidney filtration function

Mercury from amalgam can cause kidney disease and other kidney dysfunction

Mercury from amalgam can have a devastating effect on cardiac function

Mercury from amalgam can spread to every cell in the body

Mercury from amalgam concentrates in the Central Nervous System

The brain accumulates about 10 times more mercury after exposure to mercury vapour,
compared to equal amounts of mercuric ions being injected or ingested

Mercury can bypass the blood brain barrier and enter motor neurons

Mercury from amalgam has been directly related to many neurologic disease including
motor neurone disease and glioblastomas

Mercury has been definitively shown to cause neurofibrilar tangles in nerve tissue
which is identical to Alzheimer's disease.
Lead, cadmium and Aluminium did not have this effect.

Mercury is transported along nerve fibres at a rate of about 10mm per day

Mercury is also absorbed into the peripheral nerves

Mercury causes deficits in both cognitive and motor function tasks

Small amounts of Mercury from amalgam can cause changes in the brain that are identical to those
observed in Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Mercury is bound to haemoglobin in the red blood cells and blocks oxygen carrying capacity of the blood

Mercury causes changes in the numbers of white blood cells

Mercury is related to increased blood cholesterol levels

Mercury interferes with female and male reproduction

Mercury can cause infertility, miscarriage and still birth

Mercury in utero causes learning deficits in children

Mercury is converted to Methylmercury in the human body -
this is the form of mercury we are warned about when eating fish

Mercury causes photophobia - bright light sensitivity

Mercury causes Acrodynia - Pink Disease

Mercury toxicity increases substantially when combined with other metals such as lead or Cadmium

Mercury has been associated with a range of respiratory problems including asthma

Mercury poisoning is associated with development of Autism

Mercury damages blood vessel walls

Mercury is strongly related to heart attacks

Mercury from amalgam causes an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the human gut

Mercury causes a change in the normal bacterial inhabitants in the gut

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