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Domestic violence- Computer attack

Ok, so there was the hoax Benetton ad issue. But this one is, as far as I can tell, for real: computer ads featuring the victims of
‘computer attacks’.

There’s also a promotional video as part of the ad campaign. The campaign includes both men and women with ‘computer inflicted’ injuries.

There’s discussion of it here, by a blogger who finds it offensive, and a response from the makers of the ads. The maker insists that the adverts are simply too ’absurd’ to be offensive, but the blogger at ‘F-words’ (not to be confused with the F-word) writes that she finds the way that the ads appear to parody the domestic violence awareness adverts offensive.

I have to say, I don’t find the pictures, or the videos, particularly funny.

Related, news here of a Body Shop survey that suggests that attitudes amongst young people to violence in relationships are troubling -for instance, “1 in 10 teens think saying sorry makes it ok after they’ve hurt or forced a partner to do something. “

No laughing matter.

'Voice of India' Ishmeet Singh drowns in Maldives

'Voice of India' singing contest winner Ishmeet Singh Tuesday died under mysterious circumstances by 'drowning' in a swimming pool in Male, the capital of the Maldives.

The 19-year-old singer hailing from a middle-class of this industrial city of Punjab had gone to Maldives for a promotional event with the music company with which he had a contract.

Relatives at his residence here said the family was informed telephonically by the music company officials that Ishmeet died while swimming in a hotel pool in the Maldives.

'We are too shocked to react. We have no other information so far,' a shocked relative told IANS here while confirming the tragic news.

Relatives, friends and admirers of the singer made a beeline to his house even as his shocked parents tried to come to terms with the untimely tragedy. A pall of gloom descended on the locality.

The singer left here Tuesday morning for Maldives from Mumbai.

Ishmeet had Nov 26 last year won the 'Voice of India' singing contest, pipping his closest rival Harshit from Uttar Pradesh in a keen contest. He was given the winner's trophy by melody queen Lata Mangeshkar.

Supporters of the singer voted heavily for him from Punjab during the finals of the contest. Even though Harshit led the votes tally in most regions of the country, the final count went in Ishmeet's favour due to heavy voting from Punjab.

'He was like a brother to me. I cannot even comment on what has happened. I cannot believe that he is no longer with us,' fellow contestant Harshit told a TV news channel.
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Good news for 2100, a large crowd of ecological refugees like us, LILYPAD, A FLOATING ECOPOLIS FOR CLIMATE REFUGEES

Further to the anthropogenic activity, the climate warms up and the ocean level increases. According to the principle of Archimedes and contrary to preconceived notions, the melting of the arctic ice-floe will not change the rising of the water exactly as an ice cube melting in a glass of water does not make its level rise. However, there are two huge ice reservoirs that are not on the water and whose melting will transfer their volume towards the oceans, leading to their rising. It deals with the ice caps of Antarctic and Greenland on the one hand, and the continental glaciers on the other hand. Another reason of the ocean rising, that does not have anything to do with the ice melting is the water dilatation under the effect of the temperature.

According to the less alarming forecasts of the GIEC (Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate), the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). The international scientific scene assets that a temperature elevation of 1°C will lead to a water rising of 1 meter. This increase of 1 m would bring ground losses emerged of approximately 0.05% in Uruguay, 1% in Egypt, 6% in the Netherlands, 17.5% in Bangladesh and up to 80% approximately in the atoll Majuro in Oceania (Marshall and Kiribati islands and step by step the Maldives islands).

If the first meter is not very funny with more than 50 million of people affected in the developing countries, the situation is worse with the second one. Countries like Vietnam, Egypt, Bangladesh, Guyana or Bahamas will see their most inhabited places swamped at each flood and their most fertile fields devastated by the invasion of salt water damaging the local ecosystems. New York, Bombay, Calcutta, Hô Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Miami, Lagos, Abidjan, Djakarta, Alexandria… not les that 250 million of climatic refugees and 9% of the GDP threatened if we not build protections related to such a threat. It is the demonstration inflicted to reluctant spirits by a climatological study of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and that challenges our imagination of eco-conception! read more

Amy Winehouse: There Are No Words

London lady soul singer Amy Winehouse left home after powdering her nose (left) and was chauffeured to her first party stop -- where along the way, she decided that she'd change her pants (right) -- leaving paparazzi gaping at the half-naked, gap-toothed, beehived, lovelorn wreck.
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After an evening of "entertainment," it appears that Wino lost her keys, and had to get back into her home, not by ringing for Jeeves, but by sliding under the gate.
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They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know.

I ain’t got the time
And if my daddy thinks im fine
He’s tried to make me go to rehab
I wont go, go, go.

I’d rather be at home with ray
I ain’t got 70 days
Cos there’s nothing, nothing you can teach me
That I can't learn from Mr. Hathaway

Didn’t get a lot in class
But I know it don’t come in a shot glass

They’re tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know.

I aint got the time,
And if my Daddy thinks im fine,
He’s tried to make me go to rehab,
I wont go, go, go.

The man said, why you think you here?
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I said, I got no idea
Im gonna, im gonna loose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near

Said, I just think you’re depressed
Kiss me, yeah baby
And go rest

I’m tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know

I don’t ever wanna drink again
I just, ooo, I just need a friend
Im not gonna spend 10 weeks
Have everyone think im on the mend

It’s not just my pride
It’s just til these tears have dried

They’re tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back,
You wont know, know, know

I aint got the time,
And if my daddy thinks im fine
He’s trying to make me go to rehab
I wont go, go, go.

Dooms Day 2012?

2012: "Will the world end in 2012?

Doomsday 2012?
Author Patrick Geryl believes that in the year 2012 the world will suffer a major disaster that will wipe out billions.

See his astonishing account in a feature written specially for this site by the author of the Orion Prophecy.

How to survive 2012 - Geryl’s own website."

Will a huge disaster wipe out all humanity in 2012.

The ultimate catastrophe.

One man who believes that we shall very shortly see the full horrors of a polar reversal, and a disaster that will make even the South East Asian catastrophe insignificant by comparison is author Patrick Geryl. In a feature written specially for this site, he tells of the nightmare vision that he believes will befall this planet in 2012, when by his estimate billions may die.

Below is his account and vision of how this awesome catastrophe will occur.

The World Cataclysm in 2012

In my book, The Orion Prophecy, I came to the staggering conclusion that the earth will be subjected to a huge disaster. The cause: the magnetic field of the earth will reverse in an instant, resulting in catastrophic consequences for humanity. Immense earthquakes will flatten all buildings on earth; while continents will shift thousands of kilometres and an all-demolishing tidal wave will leave billions of dead people behind. In my book I scientifically reveal the millennia-old codes of the Maya and the Old Egyptians, which refer to this super-disaster.

Staggering conclusions

The Dresden Codex of the Maya, for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot cycle. The conclusions that follow are even more staggering. At a certain moment, when the sun's magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun's surface will be subjected to immense storms. Enormous electro-magnetic forces will then be liberated - with unknown strength - from the interior of the sun. Giant sun-flames will send a gigantic wave of particles to the earth.

What Will Happen?

The particles that are spewed out will set the earth's atmosphere "in flames" and have a real destructive effect on the Van Allen belts. Because of the continuous stream of electromagnetism, the magnetic field of the earth will get overcharged. Trillions of particles will reach the poles. Unknown electric forces will be generated, a nightmare for everybody involved.

Short circuit of the electromagnetic field.

When the poles are filled with auroras from the falling particles, the inevitable will happen: the earth's inner electromagnetic field will get overcharged and will crash. A mega short-circuit with super lethal effects. The planet's entire atmosphere, without magnetic protection, will be bombarded by falling particles.

The earth’s magnetic field functions to protect us by directing the electromagnetic particles to the poles, but this would become impossible.

Polar Reversal and Pole Shift

The iron core of the earth is magnetic. Because of the switching of the magnetic core, the earth will start to rotate in the other direction! Because of this, the outer earth’s crust will break off! In other words the outer layer will be "floating." It will be on the loose, no longer attached to its "master." If you are on the planet at that moment, it will tilt some thousands of miles in a couple of hours. Looking up in the sky it will seem as if "the sky is coming down," as it is described in the old scriptures! Giant quakes will occur. Earth plates will be moving, mountains will be rising where first there was nothing, land masses will break open and collapse, mountains collapse, land will sink into the ocean, volcanoes erupt in many places. In short, the most terrible nightmare cannot be terrible enough to describe this world's destruction.

They Calculated it!

Now you can ask me: are you sure of what you are saying? My answer: very sure, because the Atlanteans and their descendants the Maya and Old Egyptians knew a theory about the magnetic fields of the sun that even modern astronomers don’t know anything of! With this theory they were able to predict the worldwide flood of 9792 BC and the coming one in 2012! Here, I’m asking for your comprehension. I want you to understand that they CALCULATED the end of Atlantis - now buried under the South Pole. Again, they CALCULATED an even more violent end for us. That there is a link between 2012 and 9792 BC is undeniable (See my book The Orion Prophecy). If we keep ignoring these findings
- we will all die. All alarm bells should be ringing around the world!

Above account was written specially for this site by author Patrick Geryl.

How to survive 2012 - for Geryl’s own website.

Copyright © 2004 & 2007 Ibrahim Mohamed! Inc. All rights

Male - Capital of Maldives

Indian ocean container liner
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Male' would certainly count as one of the smallest capitals in the world in terms of its physical size. A third of the country's population, about 75,000 live in Male'. Different from any other island in the country, Male' is a city of high-rise buildings and paved roads. While the government offices are located in one area, the main streets are lined with shops and offices. In the old bazaar area which still houses the country's hub of wholesale and retail trade, the lanes are so narrow that a single vehicle would find it difficult to navigate through, especially with its throngs of busy people.

There are no beaches on Male'; instead seawalls surround all its sides. However, a newly landscaped artificial beach area and adjoining breakwater stretching all the way round to the harbour in the southwest of the island provide a pleasant jogging route, especially popular in the evenings when it is cooler.

Male' is still relatively green and pleasant. The streets in the residential areas are shaded with trees, at places forming an arch overhead. A fair number of main streets are lined with big trees providing shade on both sides. Even a stroll around it would offer interesting sites and shots for the memories; the fish market and the local market at the northern waterfront, the new harbour in the south-west corner and the 400-year old Friday Mosque, to name a few. A stroll around the residential areas or shopping streets would provide an insight into the life and livelihood of the residents of the capital. Or simply sit down and relax at one of the small parks dotted around the capital and just observe the pace of life.

There are large number of motorised vehicles in Male'. One could make a tour of the capital by taxi. Many taxi centres operate a number of comfortable, well-maintained taxi units.

Teachers in Maldives on strike today

The school teachers in Maldives are on indefinite strike from today. Teaching is fully effected. Teachers are demanding higher salary. Its really true that the teachers are not paid well here.

Its really true that the salary scale for the teachers are very low but they have the option of taking private tutions. If a teacher needs to save some money, then he / she needs to take private classes or tutions after the working hours. To get a teachers job in Maldives, now a days the recruitment is done through some recruiting agencies and they collect about US$ 500 for this service.

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