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Mind the Gap between Male’ and rest of the Maldives

There will always be a mega-gap between Male’ and the rest of the Maldives, claimed Dictator Gayyoom in a Question and Answer session on the national TV last night. According to Dictator Gayyoom, under his rule, there will always be major inequalities between Male’ and the rest of the Maldives. Lying through his teeth, the dictator quoted other countries such as the UK, claiming that there are differences in the rural areas and urban areas as regards education and health services. What the Dictator failed to mention is that in the UK all health care is free under the National Health Service (NHS) and that irrespective of where you live, the health care you receive is of the same standard. Even those living in the rural areas have easy access to a hospital that has the basic facilities one would find in a city hospital. Source from Dhivehiobserver
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