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Profile: Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) our 4th President of Maldives

The remarkable political journey of the 41-year-old leader started at John Moores University in Liverpool in 1984 where he read maritime studies. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989 he returned to the Maldives and became a very vocal critic of President Maumoon Addul Gayoom, who had then been in power for 13 years.

In 1991 Anni was jailed and made an Amnesty International "prisoner of conscience" for writing for the popular political magazine Sangu. It was to be the first of 13 occasions when he was jailed for showing open dissent to Mr Gayoom's autocratic regime, on one occasion claiming he was so badly beaten that he now walks with a limp.

In 2000 Anni was elected as a representative of the capital Male in the People's Majlis, or parliament, and this soon became his power base.

Six months later, in 2001 he was tried and sentenced to two and half years in prison for the theft of unspecified "government property". On his release he fled the Maldives and in November 2003 joined with Mohamed Latheef to form the Maldivian Democratic Party while in exile in Sri Lanka.

In the same year a political prisoner, Hassan Evan Nassem, died in custody at the hands of the security forces causing waves of protest across the islands and a chorus of criticism abroad.

This hugely increased the pressure on Mr Gayoom to progress with democratic reforms, especially after Mr Nasheed was granted political asylum by the British Government the following year.

After about 18 months in self-proclaimed exile when he forged close ties to Britain's Conservative party, he returned to Male in April 2005 to a hero's welcome. When political parties were finally declared legal in June he built a network of support across the archipelago with branches on nearly all the 200 inhabitated islands.

In August 2005, he was arrested again during a sit in to mark the second anniversary of Black Friday, the violent putting down of a peaceful protest in the Male the previous year. He was charged with terrorism and his arrest again provoked huge unrest and civil disobedience. However, by now Mr Gayoom's grip on the Maldives was weakening and in the same year he finally agreed to a roadmap to democratic reform which resulted in the countries first free presidential elections in October 2008.

Like the plot from a Alexander Dumas novel the prisoner who he had jailed so many times in the hope the people of the Maldives would forget about him eventually became his nemesis and ended his 30 years in power.

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Congratulation Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) and MDP unite!

2 - Mohamed Nasheed
54.21% (97222 votes)

1 - Maumoom A Gayyoom
45.79% (82121 votes)

A FORMER political prisoner, repeatedly jailed by Maldivian president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom yesterday defeated the 30-year incumbent in a historic run-off election in the Indian Ocean tourist haven and luxury hideaway.

Opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed's victory in the first multi-party democratic polls in the archipelago with a population of around 300,000 Muslims ends the reign of Asia's longest-serving leader, whose rule was likened to that of a sultan.

President Gayoom won the first round earlier this month but failed to secure the 50 per cent needed for outright victory over Nasheed.

Citing provisional figures, election commissioner Mohamed Ibrahim said yesterday in the capital Male that Nasheed had won 54.2 per cent of the vote against 45.8 registered by Gayoom in the polls that were the culmination of extended pro-democracy protests and international pressure to introduce political reforms.

Maumoon needs 89.99 percent from the remaining 15% of vote results not announed, which is almost impossible. Congratulations His Excellency President Elect Mohamed Nasheed.
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Salaam all,

I would like to indicate my reasons for urging everyone NOT to Vote
for Maumoon. Maumoon has promised many things in the past 30 years but
had not fulfilled many and all the money the country received has gone
to his family and cronies.
Most importantly, Maumoon has been like a Shaitaan in disguise as a
Sheikh of Islam. However, his receipt of GCMG (Grand Cross of Saint.
Michael and Saint George) is the greatest 'honour' given by Christians
and one has to kneel down and bow before Queen to get it. Many
Islamic Leaders including former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr.
Mahathir Mohamed had refused to take.

This together with Maumoon's talk on 'Siyaasathu' programme on TVM
shows how scary this man is. He has said things against Islamic
teachings of Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyas. The four sources (in that
order) that we need to refer Islamic issues.

Unlike Maumoon Anni has never said anything against Islam or Muslims
that contradict with Islamic teachings.

If he (Anni) had said anything against Islam, Maumoon would have
seized the opportunity to attack him.

Out of the last 30 years, for well over 28 years of his dictatorship,
we only had TVM VOM (his mouth-piece media ) and Haveeru (run by DRP
and his senior minister's family). Therefore, we were told that Anni
is the Anti-Islam guy and we all believed that to some extent due to
our human weakness.

The more you hear something, regardless of the facts, the higher the
chances that you will believe.

There is no reason that we can believe or trust Maumoon because he has
lied about many things including ' Vaigethereah, Javvah, Fazayyah,
Havayah' ...

Make sure, you all remember the facts on giving jobs. High-ranking
Government jobs are given to Maumoon's family members even if there
are qualified people. For example, think of Dr. Mausoom whose PhD was
focused on Tourism... he was fired for no reason to give Yamin the
tourism ministry. Yamin is the bully Maumoon uses in promoting his

And in siyaasathu program he claimed he is a Sidheequ (never lied).
BUt we all know for a fact that the man lies. He also stated in an
interview that his sons never smoked... (yeah they did drugs and got
into trouble in UK). some of us may recall long queues in Male' to get
dollars from our own dollar accounts were limited to about $200 per
person. Come-on give us a break.

Finally, let us look into current economic crisis in an economic
perspective. 70% of our GDP is spent on paying for government jobs
and expenditures. Most of it is the result of giving promotion to DRP
members. As anyone with some economic knowledge would understand, if
some one is given more money they will demand more goods or luxurious
items that they might have not demanded before. This would lead to
high demand and less supply in the market-- leading price hikes. The
sky-rocketting rent paid by isladers in Male' was one of the examples.
Government could not reduce prices but it could waiver millions of
Ruffiya owed by South Thaufeeq and many others.

Hence, I would like to urge all of you to share this information and
vote for change -- Vote for Anni.

Please pass the message to your friends and family and make sure they
understand the fact that Allah will not change a people's fate unless
they change themselves.

We need change -- Vote for Change -- Get rid of the DIctator!!

May Allah Bless our country with prosperity and save us from the
tyranny and iron-fist rule of Maumoon.

Please encourage all your friends, family and anyone you know to vote
for change. This one time you also need to make sure that your parents
do proper thinking and vote for change -- because we do not want

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Vathan Edhey Gothah

Vathan Edhey Gothah
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United to bring power back to the people.

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Maldives 1st Multi Party Presidential Election second round date set for 29th October

The Election Commission has announced that the second round of the Presidential Election will take place on 29th October. The Commission also announced the final official results of the election.

Final official results of the Presidential Election 1st round
1 Qasim Ibrahim 27,056 15.3%
2 Maumoom A Gayyoom 71,731 40.6%
3 Hassan Saeed 29,633 16.8%
4 Mohamed Nasheed 44,293 25.1%
5 Ibrahim Ismail 1,382 0.8%
6 Umar Naseer 2,472 1.4%

Total 176,567
Invalid votes 1,235
Total Voters 177,802
Total Eligible Voters 208,252
Turn Out 85%
Total Polling Stations 395
from elections official web site

Maldives 1st Multi Party Presidential Election 2008 Provisional results being announced

First provisional results of the Presidential Election was announced in Singapore. Here are the most total announced.

1 Qasim Ibrahim 27,128 15.4%
2 Maumoom A Gayyoom 71,774 40.6%
3 Hassan Saeed 29,656 16.8%
4 Mohamed Nasheed 44,315 25.1%
5 Ibrahim Ismail 1,382 0.8%
6 Umar Naseer 2,472 1.4%

Total 176,727
Invalid votes 1,232
Polling Stations counted 395
Turn Out 85%

Official provisional results on Election website

Track election results for Presidential Election 2008

Maldives holds historic election

The people of the Maldives are voting in the islands' first multi-party presidential elections, with President Gayoom seeking a seventh term in power.

Polling is taking place amid allegations of irregularities and vote officials say voting may be extended.

The president faces five challengers, some of whom have criticised his "dictatorial and bullying" style.

President Gayoom is Asia's longest serving leader, having been in power for more than 30 years.

His main challenger to the presidency, Mohamed Nasheed, said that although there were cases of voting lists not matching official records, the irregularities were minor and he feared violence if the vote was not completed. read more BBC News

Phone usage (Maumoon, Political Parties, Government and Businesses)

I got curious today after reading Hilath's amusing post about an unsolicited SMS message he had received from a mobile phone number registered to DRP's presidential candidate Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Now, this is a time of intense political competition between the various candidates camps and an originating number on a SMS is pretty easy to spoof, so I'm not sure if it really did originate from the said number (though with the desperation reeking from DRP it seems very likely that it did :-P). But that's not what really struck me...

What got my attention was the fact that there now was a publicly listed mobile phone number registered to Maumoon. I've never before seen a mobile number registered to him listed on the Dhiraagu e-Directory and a quick search through various old snapshots of e-Directory data that I had confirmed that there indeed had been none - atleast none up until early June which was the last e-Directory snapshot I had. Anyway, I grabbed a fresh snapshot of the e-Directory and spent a little while running some interesting queries on the data.

Weblog: Jaa's Blog
Tracked: Oct 06, 19:07

Here is some of what I found:

Numbers listed on e-Directory:
Landline (Male')24423
Landline (Islands/Resorts)8750
Phones/Customer on Avg2.9

Political parties:
Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party92
Maldivian Democratic Party11
Social Liberal Party6
Adhaalath Party6
Islamic Democratic Party6
Jumhooree Party2
Peoples Party2

Registrants (Top 5):
Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Pvt. Ltd.833
Maldives Police Services200
State Electric Company Ltd.191
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital167
Maldives Customs Service164

Most common names (Top 5):
Mohamed Rasheed1273
Ibrahim Rasheed1250
Ahmed Rasheed1089
Ahmed Mohamed1088
Mohamed Ali1087

Government (Top 5):
Maldives Police Services200
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital167
Maldives Customs Service164
Min. of Defence & National Security141
President's Office139

Ministries (Top 5):
Min. of Defence & National Security141
Min. of Atolls Development114
Min. of Health76
Min. of Finance & Treasury76
Min. of Environment Energy and Water67

Businesses (Top 5):
Villa Shipping & Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd.163
Universal Entp. Pvt. Ltd.156
One And Only Reethirah149
One & Only Kanuhura125
Kurumba Village124

And finally...

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

Enough enough! YES! 30 Years is Enough!

Inky Pinky Polly, Father bought a Dolly,
Dolly died, Father cried,
Inky Pinky Polly!
Oh Shit! Maumoon Out!

Eeny meenee Minee MORE!
Damn! all bloody hands are out!


For foreign viewers: 3 years ago anyone raising their voice against the current government (who has been ruling this country for the past 30 years and still running for another term of 5 years) was beaten, held in captivity, sentenced to jail or framed as a terrorist.
The above picture shows all this has changed, and the hero behind all this is the MDP's presidential candidate ANNI & all the proud members of MDP behind him that dedicated there lives in the fight for freedom
Even though our views have changed or we belong to different political parties today One thing all Maldivians will agree is that MDP is the party behind all this new found freedom we see today.
The country will be voting for a new president on the 8th of this month and i hope we will all VOTE wisely and faithfully this time and get rid of this old regime.

Click here to see more.

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Eid Mubaarik

I send greetings to Maldivian and Muslim around the world celebrating Eid al-Fitr.

Islam is a great faith that has transcended racial and ethnic divisions and brought hope and comfort to many people. Throughout Ramadan, Muslims have fasted to focus their minds on faith and to direct their hearts to charity. Eid al-Fitr marks the completion of this holy month with the Festival of Breaking the Fast. During this joyous celebration, Muslims thank God for his guidance and blessings by gathering with family and friends, sharing traditional foods, and showing compassion to those in need.

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