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Maldives 1st Multi Party Presidential Election second round date set for 29th October

The Election Commission has announced that the second round of the Presidential Election will take place on 29th October. The Commission also announced the final official results of the election.

Final official results of the Presidential Election 1st round
1 Qasim Ibrahim 27,056 15.3%
2 Maumoom A Gayyoom 71,731 40.6%
3 Hassan Saeed 29,633 16.8%
4 Mohamed Nasheed 44,293 25.1%
5 Ibrahim Ismail 1,382 0.8%
6 Umar Naseer 2,472 1.4%

Total 176,567
Invalid votes 1,235
Total Voters 177,802
Total Eligible Voters 208,252
Turn Out 85%
Total Polling Stations 395
from elections official web site

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anni will become the new president under the new arrangement or dictator Gayoom will stay to haunt again. Feel happy either ways. That’s what fellow Maldivians want and that’s what god is offering. A jaw dropped old man in seventies or a jaw dropped man by drink and drug. Good luck to the critics and incapable thinkers who have never been able to deal with their own problems. Good luck to the religious fellows who will eat what they ate for the last 30 years or Islam alongside Christianity (the fusion religion for the Maldives). An old leader who never knew where he was heading or a new leader who only knows where his mates are heading. This is the anne dhivehiraage full of thinkers who are o’ level school leavers. May peace be upon them?
With love