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For foreign viewers: 3 years ago anyone raising their voice against the current government (who has been ruling this country for the past 30 years and still running for another term of 5 years) was beaten, held in captivity, sentenced to jail or framed as a terrorist.
The above picture shows all this has changed, and the hero behind all this is the MDP's presidential candidate ANNI & all the proud members of MDP behind him that dedicated there lives in the fight for freedom
Even though our views have changed or we belong to different political parties today One thing all Maldivians will agree is that MDP is the party behind all this new found freedom we see today.
The country will be voting for a new president on the 8th of this month and i hope we will all VOTE wisely and faithfully this time and get rid of this old regime.

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Anonymous said...

I want change, But not a change for the sake of change. I want someone with a vision, a dream to create a better Maldives, A man who has stood by his word, a man of principle and a man who would not make Allies with the filthy rich or dictatorial regimes for political gainds. I want justice to prevail, not like how the elections commission went. I want this country to emerge from the hands of dictators and people who would do just about anything to gain power. This is my country and I will fight for the betterment of it till all my energy is drained.

So people, when you vote, go vote for someone who can, who you believe will guide you through the next process of reform. That is upholding the Maldivian Constitution...

Vote Ibra

Cheers to All

Anonymous said...