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The Editor in Chief of Dhivehi Observer, Ahmed Moosa (Sappe') arrive Maldives today

Sappe...I still can remember your BBC interview on the that day and the day you left to UK to begin this journey of liberation. I am sure there is none who would be more happier than you on this great day. Yes Man, we have all done that. We all joined in hands to liberate us from the greatest dictator on the earth. Al hamdh lillahi....WELCOME TO RETURNED HOME Bro!

We all Maldivians appreciate your continued support to bring us freedom and democracy. You are a true hero of this beautiful country. I inspire you for ur commitment, dedication and hard work as to bring us all the most current events through peoples press.
Thank you very much for all what you have done.
I wish you and your family happiness, good health. May god bless u and ur family.

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kanblo said...

WELCOME BACK TO MALDIVES, U did great job Sappe' V will appreciate your hard works for media Press.