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Heroes of Noon Atoll Velidhoo for democratic revolution and also peoples for fights for a cause......

Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), of the Maldivian Democratic Party Alliance has been formally declared as the winner of the 2nd round of the Presidential Election held on 28th October 2008.
The final official results were announced by the Election Commission as Mohamed Nasheed getting 97,222 (54.21%) and Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom getting 82,121 (45.79%). The total number of cancelled or void votes was 1,861. The total number of eligible voters is 209,294. The total turnout therefore works out as 86.5%.


Anonymous said...

ibrahim faiz akee abbas ibrahim ge sirru agent eh.

Anonymous said...

abdulla bahar:kobaa tha kotharu party???mihaaru..hatthaaves addu shareef..adhi ves siyaasee vegen ulhenvaane..ahrumen gabuleh nukuran bahaaru eh..avaha effaraathah jehey..mdp podium ah ery anehkaa kon laarigandeh fahathuga ovegen baa??
hatthaaves suvaal