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Growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers And Other Garden Vegetables Using the AutoPot System


- Currently in process


My hydroponics hobby has now brought me to try the AutoPot system. The internet has very little information on the AutoPot system. My documentation here should help others decide if this system is right for them.
For this year's crop I chose tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettus and calantro.

The Plants

Plant selection was an important factor for everything we're growing this year. Our space limitations tops the list of items to take into account. Any plant we choose needs to be small. And you may have guessed that you won't be buying anything locally. This year we ordered seeds from Burpee.
These tomatoes only get 2 feet tall. They are perfect for containers.
These peppers only get 18 to 24 inches tall. They turn a bright red.

My Setup

My setup consists of the following:
- 4 x dual AutoPot tray with SmartValve MKII
- 1 x 18 gallon reservoir

The Reservoir

Many people say that you should put an air pump on the reservoir. That requires the use of electricity. Well I didn't want that.
My solution was to use hydrogen peroxide. The water stays crystal clear without the use of electricity. The levels of H2O3 are such that the plants aren't harmed. H2O3 also helps add oxygen to the water.

The Grow

Now for the history and pictures.

20080224 - The Seedlings

Here is a picture of the seedlings. I started them in 1.5 inch rockwool cubes. When roots appeared out the bottom I moved them to the 4 inch rockwool cubes. When roots start growing out the bottom of the 4 inch cubes then they'll be put in the AutoPots.

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Scarves for Men!

Alright Men!! Today is Friday so you know what that means, you get your fashion tip for the week!
Since we are still in our Fall Essential Series we are going to let y'all in on how to wear scarves for this fast approaching vintage mind of people.
Now, personally we don't see many guys around here in Maldives wearing scarves and we want to change that. Scarves are not only a piece of fabric to keep your neck warm but they are amazing accessories that you can add to just about any outfit. So stay tuned and learn how to incorporate these scarves into your already AMAZING [well if not yet..soon to be, keep following us ; ) ] wardrobe!! 

They are not the complicated and they can really add just that little extraumph! that you need to make your outfit come alive. Now we were not able to find a celebrity man wearing one (tsk tsk) but we do have this model sporting one. In what looks to be the makes of a casual outfit. We think that this scarf would do best with the casual outfits anyways. Throw on a causal long sleeve tee, with a cardigan orjacket over top (it's cold out) an infinity scarf such as this one with added texture, and some khakiscargos, or even decide and to keep those feet warm but on somewinter boots. Simple. It's not too complicated and it will keep you looking stylish and warm at the same time.
Now, we know some of you may be a little confused as to how these scarves really work. So stay tuned for our video post this week and we are going to show exactly how these scarves work!

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Is blood really thicker than water?

There is a popular German proverb "blood is thicker than water" and it means that, blood relations are supposed to come first in your life, they are supposed to be more important than people you are not related to by blood. Such as friendship. It means bonds of family are more stronger than bonds of unrelated people.
In the world we are born into, God gives us guides that show us the ropes. Since many of them have been here longer (i.e. Our Parents, Aunts, Uncles) we often seek guidance from them from diaper to adulthood. Whether with issues of dating, paying a bill when we have run out of money, or some wise words to help you through a crisis, we all expect, if anyone, that our family would be the one to help us through because we are flesh and blood, and they love us... right?

What is going through my mind at the moment is, whether is this really true? Whether blood is really thicker than water? Especially in this time and age. I was thinking about this the whole night and today. This was in my mind and this is the reason why I couldn't sleep as well. This proverb insinuates that relatives stick together and relatives will do more for you than others.

I am debating in my mind whether to do this argumentatively or whether to be biased and write this blog entry in the opinionated fashion. My heart says this is not true. Blood is not thicker than water, especially these days. My experience says this too. However, the logic behind this proverb is something that should be explored and written about, my mind tells me. Anyway a good writer explores both sides of the coin and then states his/her opinion, instead of completely ignoring the other side of something.

For this proverb to work, the word "CONNECTION" comes in to the equation. Without connection, this proverb would crumble in to dust and fade away. Any relation is based on connection. You are connected to your mother for instance, by birth and also if you are lucky, you have a connection of trust and love. The word relationship only has substance on the basis of the word connection. No connection equals to no relationship. No relationship would just be like, you don't know the person.

So to a certain extent we have established how important CONNECTION is. What my point is and what point I am trying to make is, connection is more important than whether you have blood ties with a person or not. If you are related by blood, but are not connected with the person, you and the person don't understand each other, in your time of need, the blood relative doesn't help you out, then how can the proverb 'blood is thicker than water' work?

In this case this proverb has already been disproved to a certain extent. Blood is not thicker than water, not always any way.

I myself feel connected to certain people so much, that sometimes I wish they were my family. I wish someone was my sister. We all have this wish in our minds and hearts, about certain people that we connect and bond with so well. A best friend perhaps, who is even though not connected to us by blood, still holds an essential place in our hearts. We still think of that person as a sister or a brother in our minds. I have felt this way about someone. That this person should have been my sister. Then I thought, no she should not. Why? My current siblings who are related to me by blood are not connected to me at all.

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