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Growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers And Other Garden Vegetables Using the AutoPot System


- Currently in process


My hydroponics hobby has now brought me to try the AutoPot system. The internet has very little information on the AutoPot system. My documentation here should help others decide if this system is right for them.
For this year's crop I chose tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettus and calantro.

The Plants

Plant selection was an important factor for everything we're growing this year. Our space limitations tops the list of items to take into account. Any plant we choose needs to be small. And you may have guessed that you won't be buying anything locally. This year we ordered seeds from Burpee.
These tomatoes only get 2 feet tall. They are perfect for containers.
These peppers only get 18 to 24 inches tall. They turn a bright red.

My Setup

My setup consists of the following:
- 4 x dual AutoPot tray with SmartValve MKII
- 1 x 18 gallon reservoir

The Reservoir

Many people say that you should put an air pump on the reservoir. That requires the use of electricity. Well I didn't want that.
My solution was to use hydrogen peroxide. The water stays crystal clear without the use of electricity. The levels of H2O3 are such that the plants aren't harmed. H2O3 also helps add oxygen to the water.

The Grow

Now for the history and pictures.

20080224 - The Seedlings

Here is a picture of the seedlings. I started them in 1.5 inch rockwool cubes. When roots appeared out the bottom I moved them to the 4 inch rockwool cubes. When roots start growing out the bottom of the 4 inch cubes then they'll be put in the AutoPots.

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