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Scarves for Men!

Alright Men!! Today is Friday so you know what that means, you get your fashion tip for the week!
Since we are still in our Fall Essential Series we are going to let y'all in on how to wear scarves for this fast approaching vintage mind of people.
Now, personally we don't see many guys around here in Maldives wearing scarves and we want to change that. Scarves are not only a piece of fabric to keep your neck warm but they are amazing accessories that you can add to just about any outfit. So stay tuned and learn how to incorporate these scarves into your already AMAZING [well if not yet..soon to be, keep following us ; ) ] wardrobe!! 

They are not the complicated and they can really add just that little extraumph! that you need to make your outfit come alive. Now we were not able to find a celebrity man wearing one (tsk tsk) but we do have this model sporting one. In what looks to be the makes of a casual outfit. We think that this scarf would do best with the casual outfits anyways. Throw on a causal long sleeve tee, with a cardigan orjacket over top (it's cold out) an infinity scarf such as this one with added texture, and some khakiscargos, or even decide and to keep those feet warm but on somewinter boots. Simple. It's not too complicated and it will keep you looking stylish and warm at the same time.
Now, we know some of you may be a little confused as to how these scarves really work. So stay tuned for our video post this week and we are going to show exactly how these scarves work!

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