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Love on the Vox

Huge congratulations to Voxers Miss Scotch and Papi Chulo who recently got engaged. These two have been around from the very beginnings of Vox, as Papi Chulo (a.k.a. Steve) is a member of Team Vox and Miss Scotch was one of Vox's original beta testers from way back in 2006. So it was only natural for the both of them to document their engagement story here on Vox!

The first announcement came from Papi Chulo, via a mobile post straight from the scene. He snapped a photo of Miss Scotch and sent it to his Vox blog in seconds, letting all his friends and family know the good news right away. A picture's worth a thousand words, indeed. Doesn't she look ecstatic?

Then Miss Scotch updated us with her side of the story, recounting how he popped the question and calling it the happiest moment of her life so far.

A little while later, Papi Chulo posted his version of the engagement story too. He pointed out highlights of their weekend and also speculated on the worldwide benefits reaped from their union.

Altogether their posts and photos have collected nearly 200 comments so far. Feel free to stop by and add your thoughts and well wishes. Congratulations and best of luck to the happy couple! read more

Glamour EYES

Glamour EYES
Originally uploaded by i b u
Mariyam Ishal

Japan successfully launches high-speed Internet satellite

TOKYO (AFP) — Japan successfully launched Saturday an experimental satellite aimed at providing high-speed Internet access across Asia, even when terrestrial infrastructure goes down, the space agency said.

The domestically developed H-2A rocket carrying the Kizuna satellite was launched at 17:55 pm (0855 GMT) with no glitches from the Space Centre on Tanegashima island off the southern tip of Kyushu Island, southern Japan.

The communications satellite, expected to be in use for five years, separated from the rocket approximately 35 minutes after the launch, said an official of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) during a live broadcast.

The 342 million dollar-Kizuna will allow super-high speed data communications of up to 1.2 Gbps, which would make it the fastest in the world, the agency said.

That rate would translate to 150 times that of the average high-speed ADSL connection rate of 8 Mbps, or 12 times the speed of a fibre-optic communication delivery to a person's premises (FTTP).

The "Kizuna," which also means "bond" in Japanese, is expected to begin transmitting and receiving data with terrestrial infrastructures in July after completing preparations and confirming the satellite's safety.

Japan is looking to use the satellite to allow communication when a ground-based network is severed by a disaster in any Asian country, in which case it would be used to transmit data to crisis management offices.

The agency is hoping it can also be used as an educational or medical tool to reach people in remote or mountainous areas.

"The Internet is now an integral part of our lives; but its infrastructure levels vary. Urban areas ... have a better environment, whereas some mountainous regions and remote islands are not well-equipped," JAXA said on its website.--read more

My first photo walk 2008-22/02

Originally uploaded by i b u
Photowalking Maldives ..More great photowalking

It was really great meeting all the folks who came out. I especially enjoyed meeting Nazee, Simon Shareef, Chospatis, Afu, John & Ahmed Zahid who were 06 people.

We started around 07:30AM Maldives Capital city -Male' east beach side (Parking area) and then walked some specific road of the City (Simon was our compass). It really was about the best way possible to spend early morning (without breakfast). If I could be doing anything in the world all day long it's taking photos and it's especially great when hanging out with other like minded photowalkers. Thanks for great breakfast! :-)P:
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the Photowalking Maldives

photowalk2 22 feb 2008-making friends

The essence of water

The essence of water
Originally uploaded by i b u
Water is the key to survive
The treasured sea of pure life

We bath and we use water
Or risk emitting a nasty odour
Like one emerging from the gutter

When we are thirsty, we drink water
Otherwise sooner commit the do-it-yourself murder

While we cook, we introduce and include water
Whether we use temperatures that are colder or hotter

Everywhere you can see its presence
Glittering with an air of essence

When I am sad, I cry water
When it rains, it pours water
When I clean, I employ water
When I play, I apply water
When I am sick, I pee water
And I look at the sea and see water

Put together all men, women and children
In no chronological order
Water is still much stronger
In its simple form of oxygen and hydrogen

Siouxsie and The Banshees - Face To Face

Face to face -- my lovely foe
Mouth to mouth -- raining heaven's blows
Hand on heart -- tic tac toe
Under the stars -- naked as we flow

Cheek to cheek -- the bitter sweet
Commit your crime in your deadly time
It's too divine -- I want to bend
I want this bliss but something says I must resist

Another life -- another time
We're Siamese twins writhing intertwined
Face to face -- no telling lies
The masks they slide to reveal a new disguise
You never can win -- it's the state I'm in
This danger thrills and my conflict kills
They say follow your heart -- follow it through
[Face To Face lyrics on]

But how can you -- when you're split in two?

And you'll never know
You'll never know, you'll never know

One more kiss -- before we die
Face to face -- and dream of flying
Who are you? -- Who am I?
Wind in wings -- two angels falling
To die like this -- with a last kiss
It's falsehood's flame -- it's a crying shame
Face to face -- the passions breathe
I hate to stay but then I hate to leave

And you'll never know, No, you'll never know
You'll never know, you'll never know, you'll never know

ready for acceptance

ready for acceptance
Originally uploaded by i b u
A brave man accepts his present life,
He dreams for his well-settled life,
He likes to satisfy with his present life,
As he has no option to change his life.

He has observed many miserable lives,
And compares his life with other lives,
He feels that his life is better than others,
It brings the readiness to accept the circumstances.

The people may hope for many dreams,
But all the dreams may not come true,
It may comes true only in someone’s life,
Or it may not happen in some other’s life.

A human cycle is the mixture of life and death,
In that cycle, one has to accept the moment of life,
As well as, one has to accept the moment of death,
Thus he wishes and pleases to accept his present life.

beautiful day & her black silk scarf

The heat cleanses your pours.
It cleans out all the grit and grime
but you can't see.
Vitamin D revitalizes your body with purity and goodness
but you still can't see.
But It's natural and that's why the women take their clothes off.
it's natural.
it's beautiful
and that's why my mouth
gapes open. and I said take off ...take offf.......!!!!!

Rinspeed sQuba Diving Concept Car

Thirty years after the movie thriller ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ hit the silver screen “sQuba” is the first car that can actually ‘fly’ under water.

“Dive it again, James!” If the situation gets too hot for the secret agent he’ll go underground - or under water. So demonstrated impressively by Roger Moore in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me” in 1977 when he dove below the waves in a sleek vehicle that moments before seemed to be an ordinary car. The only problem: The scene never really took place; it was an more

different story- Sunset thinking

different story
Originally uploaded by i b u
Do you ever watch the sunset
And just sit and think about things
Just you and the sky and darkness
Giving your thoughts some wings

Perhaps you’re got some troubles
And don’t know what to do
Or you just plain need to get away
To spend a little time with you

Sunset beauty makes you feel as though
Your life has meaning after all
To see a sight so extraordinary
Makes you feel capable, strong and tall

It’s funny how flashes of color
Like a sunset or sunrise can inspire
It can calm your inner self a bit
It’s a scene you can never tire

The serenity gives you a chance
To put things in perspective
Life can be overwhelming at times
And a sunrise can be reflective

So when the sky lights up next time
Let your gaze do some drinking
Soak up and the amazing sights
And do some sunset thinking!


A grave illness pervades our Nations' youth
Caused by boredom, anger and frustration
Or perhaps because they're fed untruths
They lash out fiercely with determination ....!!!!
Originally uploaded by i b u

Daddy lil girl

baby mistress power
Originally uploaded by i b u
I am daddy's girl
His sweet little child,
He rasied me to be sweet,
To be kind with an open heart,
Forever his little girlkn knowing that my daddy will always be there for me,
I am daddy's little gir

back to the machine gun

back to the machine gun
Originally uploaded by i b u
I awaken about noon and go out to get the mail
in my old torn bathrobe. I'm hung over, hair down in my eyes
barefoot gingerly walking on the small sharp rocks
in my path still afraid of pain behind my four-day beard.
god damn! it's almost like being shot in the ass with a .22
Hello I said
gathering up my Visa card bill, my phone Bill,
a Dept. of Water and Power past-due notice,
a letter from the mortgage people plus a demand from the Bank,
giving me 30 days to clean up my act.
I mince back again over the small sharp rocks
thinking, maybe I'd better write something tonight,
they all seem, to be closing in. : (
;P hehehee kidding...

he capital of Maldives is Male....

Originally uploaded by maapu
The capital of Maldives is Male. The city is one of the smallest capitals in the world and is home to nearly one third of the country's population. It is located in the Kaafu Atoll and is the center for all commercial activities of the country. The name Male was taken from the Sanskrit word "mahaalay", meaning "big house".

The history of Male goes back as early as 16th century. The Portuguese founded this little town during this time. The entire town is divided into four parts, which are Henveiru, Galolhu, Maafannu and Machangolhi. One of the most densely populated cities of the world, Male is the center for all sorts of government and political activity of the country.

Male is a city filled with numerous high rise buildings and sky scrapers. The roads are lined with shops and restaurants. One can find numerous palm trees lining the paved streets of the town. These add to the greenery and to the town's beauty. Male does not have any beaches. It is however, surrounded by a number of seawalls. The city is general is extremely picturesque and exudes a pleasant look.
Male, the capital of Maldives is a popular tourist destination. One can find numerous shops and local attractions in this little town. Some of the popular tourist atractions in Male inlcude The Islamic Center, Huskuru Miskyii, Mulee-Aage and the
National Museum.One can also find a number of Monuments in Male to visit. read more

The List: Presidents for Life

Pervez Musharraf, Vladimir Putin, and Hugo Ch├ívez are merely the latest in a long line of strongmen who have used the trappings of democracy to stay in power. In this week’s List, FP takes a look at the world’s longest-serving “elected” leaders.


Fidel Castro

Who: President of Cuba

Years in power: 48

Last elected: 2003, with 100 percent of the vote by the Cuban National Assembly, an elected body that selects the president

Freedom House rating for Cuba: Not free

Democratic credentials: Castro may claim that Cuban democracy is “a thousand times more serious and more honest” than its U.S. counterpart, but the Cuban electoral process is hardly a stellar example of freedom in action. No candidate in municipal or national elections is allowed to campaign for office, and nearly all forms of political dissent are banned. In the 2003 election, Cuban voters were asked to lend a shred of legitimacy to Castro’s dictatorship by electing members to the 609-seat National Assembly. To make things less confusing, only 609 candidates were allowed to run, and they swiftly rubber-stamped another term for el Comandante, who despite his recent bout of ill health, has vowed to outlast U.S. President George W. Bush in office.


Omar Bongo

Who: President of Gabon

Years in power: 39

Last elected: 2005, with 79.2 percent of the popular vote

Freedom House rating for Gabon: Partly free

Democratic credentials: The longest-serving leader in Africa, Bongo maintains tight control over the media and security forces. In 2003, the National Assembly, dominated by Bongo’s Gabonese Democratic Party, passed a number of constitutional provisions that removed presidential term limits and runoff voting. The last presidential election in 2005 was marred by fraud allegations after members of the security forces were allowed to vote two days before the rest of the general public.


Ali Abdullah Saleh

Who: President of Yemen

Years in power: 29

Last elected: 2006, with 77.2 percent of the popular vote

Freedom House rating for Yemen: Partly free

Democratic credentials: Since staging a military coup in 1978, Saleh has been president of the now-defunct Yemen Arab Republic (also known as North Yemen) and later of unified Yemen beginning in 1990. The presidential election in 2006 was the first time that Saleh faced a serious challenger for the top office. However, opposition parties voiced extreme skepticism at the vote. Observers from the European Union cited election problems such as voter-list tampering, police intimidation of opposition candidates, and the ruling party’s use of state funds to dominate campaign coverage. But ultimately, the monitors declared the vote to be free and fair, to the howls of Saleh’s opponents.


Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

Who: President of the Maldives

Years in power: 28

Last elected: 2003, with 90.3 percent of the popular vote

Freedom House rating for the Maldives: Not free

Democratic credentials: Gayoom prefers a political system he calls “limited democracy,” in which presidential candidates are nominated by the national legislature. Fortunately for Gayoom, he’s the only candidate nominated. His government claims that keeping Gayoom in power helps foster economic development. But although the Maldivian economy grew an average of 7.35 percent annually from 1991 to 2006, the Maldivian people haven’t exactly gotten rich, with gross domestic product (GDP) per capita still a scant $3,900. In 2004, Gayoom signaled his willingness to soften his grip on power when he authorized the creation of a new half-elected, half-appointed body that will institute political reforms. But opposition parties cite the slow pace of reforms and continued harassment by government security forces as evidence that Gayoom isn’t willing to let go of the reins just yet.


Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Who: President of Equatorial Guinea

Years in power: 28

Last elected: 2002, with 97.1 percent of the popular vote

Freedom House rating for Equatorial Guinea: Not free

Democratic credentials: Africa’s wealthiest leader, with a net worth estimated at $600 million, Obiang came to power in 1979 by murdering his uncle and taking control in a coup. Authoritarian in the extreme, Obiang nominally allows the existence of opposition parties, a condition demanded by international aid donors in the early 1990s. Today, his vast oil wealth means he doesn’t really have to listen to anyone, least of all foreign donors. The 1995 discovery of oil made Equatorial Guinea Africa’s third-largest oil exporter, accounting for the country’s astonishing per capita GDP of $50,200, the world’s fourth highest. Unfortunately, little of that oil wealth is going to anybody but Obiang and his pals.


Hun Sen

Who: Prime minister of Cambodia

Years in power: 22

Last elected: 2003, when his party won 47 percent of the Cambodian National Assembly

Freedom House rating for Cambodia: Not free

Democratic credentials: In sole control since overthrowing his co-prime minister in a 1997 military coup, Hun Sen has the dubious distinction of actually losing an election rigged in his favor. But that didn’t stop him from clinging to power. Hun Sen’s party notoriously bought votes and intimidated the opposition in the run-up to the 2003 presidential election, but the tactics failed to win Hun Sen the necessary majority to keep him in office. Only his close ties to the security forces kept Cambodia’s leader from retirement. Then again, one must expect such cunning from a former member of the Khmer Rouge.

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E'tincelle- Static Company's Showroom in Male'

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Secret Valentines, Happy valentines to everyone!

Secret Valentines
Originally uploaded by i b u
A secret between two hearts in love
Who smile in silence alone
Their love is hidden from the eye
But to them it is seen and known

It was an unlikely love
neither expected each other
But now in the silence of love
They are now the loved and the lover

They are fine with this secret their keeping
Though the world they do wish to tell
That they have found their one true love
And so madly in love they fell

But in silence, alone, they celebrate
A love without end or measure
They cannot forget all the smiles shared
And how much in it they pleasure

The girl does love him so
But she was born too late to claim him
And the man would have her forever
But he cannot just leave on a whim

So in secret they love each other
And have faith in the love they share
And they shall love each other forever
For the love that they've found is rare

Their love cannot be swayed
Too brightly for both it shines
They are happy to love in silence
For they are secret valentines

On Talking To An Old Maldivian Man

On Talking To An Old Maldivian Man
Originally uploaded by i b u
"So many years since nineteen thirty three, When I came here from Northern Male' atoll,
I dug trenches with strong work hardened men, And I was only barely nineteen then
A migrant half a world away from home, The loneliness of the exile I have known.

At twenty years I met my wife to be, A dark haired rose of Himmafushi
Marie was seven months older than me, When we settled down to start a family.

The happiest years of life that I did know, She bore me children Hassan and Hawwa
Two healthy children and a loving wife, What more could any one man ask of life? .

I worked as contract drainer 'by the yard, The money quite good though the work was hard, A young migrant in a great and new Country, I made good use of opportunity.

Though that was years and years and years ago, On looking back those years did quickly flow, My shoulders drooped, my legs grown weak and slow
And look at me now my hair as white as snow.

The loneliest I have been for years and years, Marie is dead 'his eyes filled up with tears'
She was good wife and she meant so much to me"

'I pitied him that son of Maldives'. I pitied him for his great sense of loss
In his twilight years his was a heavy cross, An old man he must face the end alone
Without the greatest friend he'd ever known.

Tom Cruise Honeymoon Watch

Dhivehi Song - Dhurunuve Gaathuga

Staring: Faizam,Humaima

Bill's Hard Drive - perfect timing

Bill's Hard Drive - perfect timing
Originally uploaded by i b u
Stung by the loss of Internet advertising firm DoubleClick to Google last month, Microsoft has intensified its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo!, asking the company to re-enter formal negotiations, The Post has learned.

While Microsoft and Yahoo! have held informal deal talks over the years, sources say the latest approach signals an urgency on Microsoft's part that has up until now been lacking.

The new approach follows an offer Microsoft made to acquire Yahoo! a few months ago, sources said. But Yahoo! spurned the advances of the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant. Wall Street sources put a roughly $50 billion price tag on Yahoo!.

"They're getting tired of being left at the altar," said one banking source who has recently had talks with Microsoft. "They now seem more willing to extend themselves via a transaction to get into the game." --read more

We Are Microsoft

We Are Microsoft
Originally uploaded by Joe dOgBOi
Now that the initial shock and awe around Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo has subsided somewhat, some of the user groups on each side are weighing in with their opinions of how the merger could affect them.

One thing's for sure: A lot of Flickr users don't like it.

A recently formed group of Flickr users is showing their abject disdain for the notion of their favorite online photo sharing community, which is owned by Yahoo, falling under the control of the evil empire.

The group, entitled 'Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Of Our Flickr' had attracted nearly 2000 members as of Tuesday afternoon Pacific time.

Users have so far posted more than 200 Photoshopped images and hundreds of comments expressing their disgust for Microsoft. While many of the images are juvenile and uninspired, some exhibit an impressive level of forethought and creativity.

Some are even likely to make you laugh out loud. Like this one and this one and, especially, this one.