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Secret Valentines, Happy valentines to everyone!

Secret Valentines
Originally uploaded by i b u
A secret between two hearts in love
Who smile in silence alone
Their love is hidden from the eye
But to them it is seen and known

It was an unlikely love
neither expected each other
But now in the silence of love
They are now the loved and the lover

They are fine with this secret their keeping
Though the world they do wish to tell
That they have found their one true love
And so madly in love they fell

But in silence, alone, they celebrate
A love without end or measure
They cannot forget all the smiles shared
And how much in it they pleasure

The girl does love him so
But she was born too late to claim him
And the man would have her forever
But he cannot just leave on a whim

So in secret they love each other
And have faith in the love they share
And they shall love each other forever
For the love that they've found is rare

Their love cannot be swayed
Too brightly for both it shines
They are happy to love in silence
For they are secret valentines

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