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Minicoy Island and the Maldives!

Minicoy Island or Maliku is the only inhabited island of the Maliku Atoll. It is the second largest and the southern-most among the islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago, measuring about 10 km from its northern end to its southernmost point. Minicoy is a long island, almost completely covered with coconut trees.
The locals, the Malikun, call their island "Maliku," as do the Maldivians, while it is called "Minikkoy" in Malayalam. On the southern side of the main island lies the uninhabited islet of Viringili where formerly the lepers of Minicoy were banished.

This atoll is administered by India under the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep. The closest island to Minicoy is Thuraakunu in the Republic of Maldives. Since 1956, the Indian Government has forbidden contact between people of the two islands despite their geographic proximity and ethnographic similarities. Minicoy Islanders, like the close islands of the Maldives follow Sunni Islam. The islands were probably Buddhist before like they were in the Maldives.

Today Maliku is administered by India, but claimed by the Maldives. This claim was made in 1983, when the President of Maldives made a public speech claiming Maliku for the Maldives. Even today many Maldivians privately harbour such sentiments. At the same time India is overly cautious of any contact between people of Maliku and its Maldivian neighbours to the south.

An oral tradition of the Maldives (according to the late Magieduruge Ibrahim Didi, a Maldivian learned man) explains why Minicoy is not politically part of the Maldives anymore: Some time in the past (perhaps during the 17th century), Minicoy was devastated by a great cyclone which destroyed most houses and a great number of coconut trees. Following the catastrophe, a delegation of Minicoy islanders from the best families in the island sailed to the King in Male' asking for gold to help them through the hard times. However, the Maldive King told them that he had not enough money in his treasury and that he was not able to help them. Hence the delegation of Maliku nobles went onwards to the Malabar coast, where they found favor with the king of Cannanore (Kannur) who welcomed them and helped the Minicoy people to rebuild their island in exchange for their loyalty. Henceforth the Minicoy Islanders owed allegiance to this kingdom of the SW Indian shore.

Today, Maliku has a combined population of 9,500.
Under the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands (Laws) Regulations, 1967 of the Government of India, Maldivian nationals can only visit Maliku if they are permitted by the High Commissioner of India. The High Commissioner of India in Malé shall intimate the names of the persons whose visits are permitted and the period of their stay to the Administrator of Lakshadweep sufficiently in advance. The Administrator may, on valid grounds, extend the period of stay of Maldivain nationals.

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Balvenie Fifty limited edition whisky sold for $39,000 in Maldives duty free shop

Duty-free outlet at Maldives’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport managed by GMR Group, has sold a bottle of whisky for $39,000 (approximately Rs 21 lakh).
The Balvenie Fifty limited-edition whisky, which has just 88 bottles available all over the world, was purchased by a Chinese passenger at the airport, said Neeraj Sharma, Brand Development Manager (Indian Sub-Continent) of William Grant and Sons - makers of the fine Scotch whisky.
“We allocated two bottles of Balvenie Fifty for Indian Sub-Continent. Both bottles were kept at Male International Airport. A Chinese traveller purchased a bottle for $39,000 two weeks ago. He also purchased Balveni Forty for $5,200,” he told PTI.
Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is commonly known as Male International Airport.
According to a press release issued at the time of its launch, Balvenie Fifty was unveiled to celebrate master blender David Stewart’s 50th anniversary with the company.
“Nothing for India. Because in India bulk of the business comes from arrival shops (at airports). At the arrival shop there are restrictions on quantum of purchase. So we cannot put some of the expensive products at Indian duty free shops, he explained.
According to a person familiar with customs rules, a passenger can buy only up to $500 at duty-free outlets at airports in India.
On Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky - the flagship brand of William Grant and Sons, he said, “We have almost 45 to 50 per cent share in single malt business. It has huge range within the brand. We are also launching Glenfiddich 125 shortly. It should be around during Diwali,” he said.
Duty-free retail will continue to be a prime driver for premium brands due to huge difference of pricing over domestic market, he added.

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A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

Though it remains the world’s bestselling science book, A Brief History of Time has become notorious as one of the most commonly purchased but unread books. Reading it, it’s hard to see why. Hawking's prose is as smooth and accessible as Bill Bryson’s, and the ground he covers is still groundbreakingly relevant and fascinating, 20 years on. It’s hard to believe that Hawking is not only able to elucidate some of the more complexing scientific puzzles in a way that is clear, engaging, and exciting, but that he discovered and presented these notions for the first time. Perhaps when Hawking first wrote this book, the average layman understood little of some of the more advanced hypotheses and breakthroughs of physics, but it’s partly testament to the power of this, and other similarly stunning books, that these scientific ideas have become part of how we perceive our world and ourselves. No other scientist since Einstein, who, along with Newton and Galileo, is given a chapter, has had such a massive impact on the “common person” as Stephen Hawking. This book’s penetration into the mind of the reading public, whether they’ve actually read through from start to finish or not, has been the key reason for that impact.
I’m almost ashamed to admit that this is the first time that I’ve read A Brief History of Time. Like Hamlet or The Odyssey it has become so iconic, that I feel as if I had already read it before I came to the actual text. I knew that it was important, and I knew, to an extent, that it would be accessible, but what I didn’t know was that it would be as funny and engaging as any book I’ve read. Hawking is charming and self-deprecating, and his prose is both clear and intimate. This latest edition is a neat, smallish size hardcover version of the 1996 version and contains a number of black and white diagrams, images, and figures. There are also chapters on wormholes and time travel, and discussion around a unified theory of physics, which didn’t appear in the original version. From the original book are chapters on such things as the nature of space and time, the expanding universe, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and its implications on how we view the world, quarks and other elementary particles, black holes (and how they also emit energy), the beginning and potential end of the universe, time and how it works (and doesn’t).
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The Grand Design is a popular-science book written by physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. The book point out that a Unified Field Theory may not exist. Albert Einstein and other physicists had proposed such a theory based on an early model of the universe containing three-dimensions and time. Since then, the model of the universe has changed significantly. It is now believed that the universe has 10, or even 11 dimensions..

"The Grand Design" examines the history of scientific knowledge about the universe. It starts with the Ionian Greeks, who claimed that nature works by laws, and not by the will of the gods. It later presents the work of Nicolaus Copernicus, who advocated the concept that the Earth is not located in the center of the universe.

Stephen Hawking describe the theory of quantum mechanics using, as an example, the probable movement of an electron around a room. The presentation has been described as easy to understand by some reviewers, but also as sometimes "impenetrable," by others. The Book concludes with the statement that only some universes of the multiple universes/multiverse support life forms.

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Martin Luther King's Speech: 'I Have a Dream' - The Full Text

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JAABIRULollyPopsicles With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

RECIPE: Watermelon JAABIRU LolyPopsicles With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Watermelon popsicles:
4 cups cubed, seedless watermelon
1 cup milk
2-1/2 tbps honey
Chocolate Drizzle
2/3 cup dark chocolate chips
1/3 cup refined coconut oil


Place watermelon, milk and honey in a blender and mix well.
Pour into ice cubes trays, making sure to fill slightly below the edges for easier removal.
Cover ice cube trays with aluminum foil and press down on the individual ice cube sections to outline them. Doing this will guide you in properly placing the toothpicks or miniature popsicle sticks.
Insert sticks.
Chill until set - approx. 3 hours.
To make the Chocolate Drizzle, melt chocolate chips in the microwave, heating in 30-second increments or melting in a double boiler. Do not overheat or the chocolate will seize up! Once melted, add the coconut oil and mix well.
Once the watermelon popsicles have set, remove and place on a lined cookie sheet.
Using a fork or spoon, drizzle the popsicles with the chocolate drizzle. The drizzle will set up quickly.
These are ready to eat or refreeze to enjoy later.

 RECIPE  Watermelon Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

 These Watermelon LOLYPopsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle turned out FANTASTIC! :)  Not only are they deliciously sweet, they’re super healthy since they only contain watermelon, milk, honey and a dark chocolate drizzle.  Best of all, they’re easy to make!

RECIPE: Watermelon Popsicles With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

RECIPE  Watermelon Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle
I have to admit when I recently made these Chocolate & Watermelon Smoothies, I’d never thought to combine these two ingredients.  But I decided to just try it.  The smoothies turned out great!
These Watermelon Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle turned out FANTASTIC! :)  Not only are they deliciously sweet, they’re super healthy since they only contain watermelon, milk, honey and a dark chocolate drizzle.  Best of all, they’re easy to make!
RECIPE  Watermelon Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle
To make these watermelon popsicles, all you need is cubed, seedless watermelon, milk and honey.  Mix well in a blender.
RECIPE  Watermelon Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle ice cube trays

Pour into ice cube trays.  Cover with aluminum foil and press down on the individual ice cube sections to outline them.  Doing this will guide you in properly placing the toothpicks or miniature popsicle sticks.  Be sure to place a hand on the outer edges of the foil while inserting the sticks to keep the foil from slipping out of place.
Freeze until set.  Mine took about 3 hours.
Now, you know me.  I had to incorporate chocolate into or onto these somehow.  So I made a chocolate drizzle recipe that I found in a Zoku cookbook.  This stuff rocks!  The coconut oil allows the chocolate or other added ingredients to freeze almost instantly onto your chilled items.

Fasting Break Coolers ~ Watermelon Smoothie

Ramadan, its the season for watermelons. So this season, why not make something that tastes delicious and does wonders for your skin, too? Kimberly Snyder's recipe for watermelon slush smoothie combines just two ingredients for a delightful summer treat. "Watermelon has great cooling and hydrating properties, as well as amazing cleansing and detoxifying effects," says Kim. So not only will you be hydrating your body with one of nature's yummiest fruits, your skin will be getting a much needed moisturizing boost, which in turn leads to a brighter, clearer, and smoother complexion. Almonds are also one of the best nuts to eat, and contain plenty of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids—good for skin plumping and cell regeneration.

Watermelon Slush Smoothie

  • 1 small watermelon
  • 2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
  • Mint sprigs
Cut the watermelon into small chunks and freeze overnight. When fully frozen, blend the icy watermelon pieces and the almond milk in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with a few sprigs of mint. Enjoy!

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Day #10 of My 10 Day Raw Food Challenge

Eating a raw vegan diet these past 10 days has been an overall amazing experience for me.  I would even go as far as to say life changing in some ways.  Making the food can be a little time consuming, but if you plan ahead you can make most of the food for the week ahead of time.  The one thing I recommend if you are going to go 100% raw is to plan out your food for the week. 

This journey to better health that I'm on has taken me down different paths.  I am filled with gratitude for a little raw food cafe that opened up near my home and a women I met at my local park a few years ago ( a raw foodist) for introducing me to this amazing way of eating.  It just makes sense to me.  When you cook your food it's dead.  When you eat it in the state it was provided by nature it's full of LIFE.  So when you eat foods that are full of life, you are full of life.

If you are not ready to eat a 100% diet that's ok!  Just increase the amounts of fresh raw foods you are eating!  Maybe try adding green smoothies to your diet.

I just want to touch on the most LOVING part of eating a raw vegan diet.  It feels so peaceful to know I didn't hurt any living thing when eating this way.  I think most of us are so detached to where our food comes from.  We go to the grocery store and the meat is packaged up all nice and neat for us.  I am not telling you not to ever eat meat again.  I am just asking that you STOP and THINK about where that meat came from.  I love this quote from Paul McCartney, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian".  We teach our children to love and respect each other, what about teaching them to love and respect all God's creatures?  This is something I am doing a lot of soul searching on.  I know if my sweet 6 year old son Austin who loves animals knew that he was eating a cow, or a pig he would be very upset.  Most of us turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of the animals that we consume.  Its easier to hold our hands over our ears and look away.  Don't look away.  Animals have feelings.  Don't your  pets have feelings?  Do you eat them?  Did you know that pigs are much more intelligent than dogs?  When you eat animals that have been slaughtered in horrific ways you are also eating the fear and the upset that the animal experienced before being killed.  It's just not good energy for  your body.  There is so much beautiful peaceful food out there in God's garden for us to eat that provides all our nutritional needs.  Contrary to what the dairy and meat industries want us to believe.  You don't need to eat meat for nutritional purposes.

For breakfast I started my day out with a delicious green smoothie made in my high speed blender
  •  Kale
  • Romaine
  • spinach
  • 1 pear
  • 1/2 orange
  • 1 banana
  • grapes
  • 2 cups of water
 green smoothie

For lunch I had Mexican balls with a Jalapeno-lime cream sauce.  Delicious and busting with flavors.  I will post this recipe soon!

raw vegan mexican balls

I had a scone with chocolate butter, jam and whipped topping.

raw vegan scone

I had a salad for dinner with ginger dressing and a sandwich made with sunflower bread, garlic mayo, avocado, and tomatoes.

Everything was raw/vegan

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Top Clothing Brands 2012

Take a look at some of these top clothing brands 2012, and get to know the latest fashion trends and redo your wardrobe...
Fashion has come a long way indeed. It has never been constant, never will, and always brings some new and innovative ideas of dressing up. The enthusiasm and interest of people in experimenting with new styles boosted many fashion designers to open various clothing lines. Today, there are numerous best outdoor clothing brands, which have brought with them some unique styles and fashion trends. These clothing brands are a display all the types of clothes and accessories that helps you to set your own trends. These clothing brands also provide employment and offer a good opportunity for the struggling fashion designers to showcase their talent. Let us now take a look at some of famous clothing brands, that many people love shopping from.

Best Clothing Brands 2011

Burberry originates from Hampshire, England and was developed to produce outdoor clothing for men and women. The founder of Burberry fashion house, Thomas Burberry, was 21 years old when he established his fashion house in the year 1856. His fashion house is known to manufacture fragrances, outdoor attire and different fashion accessories, which have gained tremendous popularity in the recent years. The brand first started selling in US and then soon spread to UK by 2007 to earn some more potential clientele. Burberry is known to have produced attire for all the occasions from casual to corporate. After years of hard work and changes, Burberry is now known to manufacture some of the innovative, stunning, stylish and elegant clothes for both men and women.

Calvin Klein
New York based Calvin Klein fashion brand was founded in the year 1968. Calvin Klein is also popularly termed as CK, an emblem which is mainly flaunted on its clothes and accessories. Calvin Klein functions under many brands such as Calvin Klein Collectionck Calvin KleinCalvin Klein SportsCalvin Klein Jeans,Calvin Klein HomeCalvin Klein Golf and CK One Lifestyle Brand. The CK lifestyle brand mainly includes a wide range of perfumes and colognes, which are available for both men and women. The Calvin Klein collection is specialized in manufacturing elegant and chic clothes and is designed by the well-known designers However, the other Calvin Klein brands are affordable and also have a variety of clothes that suit best as outdoor clothing.

Forever New
Forever New is a fashion house originating from Melbourne, Australia. Women are a great fan of this relatively new fashion house. With its efforts in highlighting the feminine side, Forever New has come up with some stunning designer clothes, which every women desires to flaunt. The year 2006 saw the birth of Forever New, which has now functions in seven countries and has 111 stores around the world. A thorough study of fashion trends and making it accessible to the customers has brought great success to this brand.

Lacoste is famous for making fashionable clothing, footwear, perfumes and even sports wear. This French clothing brand came into existence in the year 1933 by Réne Lacoste and André Gillier. All the Lacoste clothes and fashion accessories are recognized by a crocodile logo, which looked similar to that of Crocodile Garment's logo. However, the latter fashion house modified its logo, while the Lacoste could keep its logo the way it is.

This brand is among the top clothing brands 2011, and is a famous American clothing line founded by Maurice, Armand, Georges and Paul Marciano. They opened there fashion house in the year 1981 and soon started creating various fashion clothes and accessories. Today, they are known to sell different clothing lines, various fashion accessories, and even perfumes. Guess Stores exist in many countries and their top-end designer clothes are now available to many fashion enthusiasts. Guess not only creates clothing line for men and women, but also designs clothes for little children. As the company started manufacturing many other fashion accessories such as watches, shoes and bags, it quickly gained popularity. Also reasonable rates made Guess one of the favorite outdoor clothing brand.

French Connection UK
Commonly termed as FCUK, French Connection UK was started by Stephen Marks, with an intention to create appealing and comfortable clothes for the people. Always in search of change and new fashion trends has prompted French Connection UK to always introduce something new and innovative into the market. The price range of its clothing line is affordable and so French Connection UK is known to have achieved maximum clientele all around the globe.

Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera, together established Zara, which is a Spanish clothing line. Zara is a compilation of many other brands such as Pull and Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe. Many Zara stores were spread all around Spain and watching its success, it soon took up to international marketing. Today, Zara stores are there in many different countries and is rapidly increasing its sales. It is known to have great collection in men, women and kids apparels, which are priced at reasonable rates.

Following are some more well-known clothing brands:
  • Gucci
  • Chanel
  • Prada
  • Versace
  • Valentino
  • Dior
  • Fendi
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Armani Exchange
Providing quality and variety has today made these fashion houses very successful and are rated as the top clothing brands 2011. With their ever-increasing popularity, these clothing brands are making their presence felt in many countries and trying to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. Therefore, be ready to explore the latest fashion trends, as these brands are now just a few blocks away.

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Best Clothing Brands

Names of the world's best clothing brands are just a scroll away. Take a look at which brand makes you weak on your knees, and which brand gives you goose bumps with its rich-scale clothing range.
There's a resplendent side of me. I, take pride in dressing up to the nines. I choose my own range of clothing that enriches my appearance, and steals the limelight. It feels immensely good to take pride by my stride to swank my designer clothes, apparel, and accessories. You know, there's a reason behind the supermodels being in vogue, and designers so well-heeled. The clothes are meticulously picked just so that they slither along with the most treasured jewelry. Unveil the unseen, the unforgettable and the ultimate brands of fashion which will transform the way you roll in the Tinseltown to attain elegance and luxury. Full of gripping details about the fashion arena, this write-up unmasks the most well-known clothing brands of the world, not to miss their mark-ups in the top-shop which flicker through the pages of Vogue and stay there, forever.

Even though the world is full of famous clothing brands serving the fashion-freaks just right, the following five clothing brands still stand top-notch with the world's biggest moguls, celebrities and high-end individuals buying them to breathe life to their wardrobes. Let's unleash what exactly makes them so lustable.

Prada by Mario Prada
There is never enough to say about this Italian label that defines clothing in its own myriad ways. It's reputed, and it's highly expensive too. It caters the various needs of all fashion enthusiasts, and simply stands out for its simplicity and confidence, not to sketch out comfort that's its forte. Who isn't lured by the Devil who wore Prada? Not only Anne Hathaway, but a number of celebrities go weak on their knees by just the sight of this designer clothing brand. You know, top clothing brands do not seek for a nod of approval from anyone, they're just destined to get 'em!

Chanel by Coco Chanel
How about an exotic Parisian range of fashion merchandise that catches the drift through your wardrobe? You cannot miss to embrace this tag in any case. A Parisian fashion-house introduced by Coco Chanel, this assortment specializes in haute couture, handbags and perfumery. You wear Chanel, and you know you're donning pure luxury in the form of a piece of clothing. Fabrics so soothing, and feeling so magical... who would want to let go a perfect blend of the newest wrinkles and ultimate sophistication, would you?

Dior by Christian Dior S.A.
A must check-out for those who're fond of living in vogue with a lust for extravagance. Christian Dior, with its heart at Paris, is another clothing brand which locks on inducing captivation within masses. A woman who wears Dior walks with immense elegance, truly justifying her bejeweled persona. Increasing the appetite of the affluent by becoming one of the top brands for women in the world, Dior is christened as a brand of prestige, glamor, and elegance. Don't forget to check this domineering luxury brand which fills the bills of your entire closet.

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs
Sprightliness, thy name is Marc Jacobs!
With no crave for preface, this American designer with a label of the same name dishes out sensational clothing range, apparels, fragrances, and accessories under various trademarks. It has a zealous hold on the fashion arena because of its sexy, fierce and chic collection firing it up to top the world charts. Marc Jacobs marcs its presence by being the best clothing brand for young women and men, and believe me, you can never get enough of this hallmark, because the more you have of it, the more you have an urge for!

Valentino by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani
Does the term 'celebrity' make your skin crawl? If yes, then you sure as hell can't miss on this trademark in the mainstream. From Angelina Jolie to Monica Belucci and Jennifer Lopez, this Italy based brand has been endorsed by almost all the Big Guns from Hollywood. Valentino is eminent for its exclusive range of outfits that are unconventional, and aesthetic. Fashionistas love its innovative evening wear range, for it symbolizes boldness and luxury at the same time. Celebrity females all over the world fall head over heels in love with this clothing brand that is specially designed for the elite and the affluent. What more to embellish for an ideal rendezvous?

Versace by Gianni Versace
"Heaven is a brand called Versace!"
Well, that's what its followers believe. For men, Versace is no less than God. This Italian label is known across the globe for its denims. It became a mainstay, pulled huge money every damn year, and produces some of the most innovative, cutting-edge clothing items for fashionistas to bask in. For a long time now, it has been pleasing its followers with a unique blend of sexuality and glamor. The founder of Versace has truly bewitched his admirers by collaborating with models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Why wouldn't it be a top brand in the fraternity of fashion?

Armani by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti
What to say about a clothing brand that designs, distributes, and retails haute couture under a wide range of tremendously specialized sub-labels such as Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni, Armani Junior, and Armani/Casa. Not only clothing, but Armani is prominent for its heart-throbbing jewelry, enviable timepieces, smooth fragrances, and lustable eyewear. Perhaps, it's the vision of its founder, Giorgio Armani, that resulted in the establishment of an empire producing drop-dead gorgeous clothing range.

They earned spry recognition among fashionistas all over the world. They might be towards the high-end, but then, donning haute couture clothing makes you feel an entirely new person as you cannot have any better to adorn yourself with. Above five were the most prominent names in the world of fashion clothing in my view. However, the fraternity of fashion isn't short of designer labels which aren't worth a mention. Following is a list of brand names that deserve a special mention for their exuberant clothing line with bewitching appareling that made them fascinate a large segment of ritzy masses. Take a look.

Top of the Line Clothing Brands: A Special Mention
  • Gucci
  • Guess
  • Fendi
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Hugo Boss
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Donna Karan New York
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Paul Smith
  • Burberry
  • Ralph Lauren
  • John Varvatos
  • Gaultier Jeans
  • Brioni
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • True Religion
  • Aeropostale
  • American Eagle
  • Givenchy
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • French Connection UK
  • Lacoste
  • Diesel
  • Calvin Klein
  • Nautica
  • Adidas
  • Old Navy
  • Esprit
  • G Star
  • Zara
  • Tom Ford
It shows who you are. It speaks more than you. Creating all the whoa by accentuating your looks, designer brand clothing is an embellishment in itself. The above instanced names, are what I believe, are the best clothing brands in the world - I'm set for some disagreements in choices, though. But I can tell you one thing for sure, the clothes you buy from any of the brand names dedicated to clothing discussed here, sure have a value of gold, and for this reason, in no time do they become your prized possession. I've seen it, first hand.

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Famous Clothing Brands

Some of the most famous clothing brands are those that rule the market and dictate the fashion in all seasons. In this article we are going to discuss some famous clothing brands in the world.

"I don't design clothes. I design dreams." ~ Ralph Lauren

Fashion is always changing and clothing brands to survive have to keep up with the latest fashion trends and designs. People love to buy clothes which are of the latest fashion, and where else can one purchase the trendiest of outfits, but at a clothing store. High-end clothing brands are much in demand and the reason they have been so successful is because of a combination of great designs, flawless craftsmanship, high quality and meticulous attention to detail. Most famous clothing brands usually have a team of talented in-house fashion designers who study the latest trends and styles, and design outfits accordingly. Some high-end clothing brands even have big fashion designers who design exclusively for the brand. Another way that a clothing brand becomes famous is by associating itself with a famous actress or star.

List of Famous Clothing Brands

Here we will give you a list of world-famous brands that are popular among fashion conscious people. First is a list of high-end clothing brands that are known for their impeccable style, and design and are associated with world-famous designers. This is followed by a list of high-street brands that delivers affordable clothes that are stylish and chic.

List of High-End Clothing Brands
Here is a list of high-end famous fashion brands.
  • Balenciaga
  • Armani Exchange
  • Miu Miu
  • Gucci
  • Givenchy
  • Versace
  • Burberry
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Chanel
  • DKNY (Donna Karen New York)
  • Calvin Klein
  • Hugo Boss
  • Max Mara
  • Bisou Bisou
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Moschino
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • McQ by Alexander McQueen
  • Valentino
  • Vera Wang
  • Miss Sixty
  • Oscar de la Renta
  • Juicy Couture
  • Elie Saab
  • Yves St. Laurent
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Guess
  • Dior
  • Hermes
  • Anna Sui
  • Blumarine
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Chloe
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Lanvin Paris
  • Max Azria
  • Salvatore Feragamo
  • Stella McCartney
  • Emilio Pucci
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Nina Ricci
  • Marios Schwab
  • Fendi
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Emanuel Ungaro
  • Prada
  • Chloe
These famous high-end clothing brands are very expensive and as you can see, most of these brands are owned and named after the famous fashion designers associated with them. These famous brands come up with their collections for each season that are shown on all major fashion runways around the week. These are the brands and fashion houses that people watch out for with bated breath in any fashion week.

List of High Street Famous Fashion Brands
High street fashion brands can be defined as brands that are not as expensive and exclusive as high-end brands. The clothes of high street brands are affordable, are of very good quality with great designs. Here is a list of high street famous fashion brands.
  • Mark and Spencer
  • Debenhams
  • House of Fraser
  • Laura Ashley
  • FCUK
  • Forever New
  • Forever 21
  • Gap
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Lacoste
  • Abercrombie and Fitch
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Mango
  • Promod
  • Aftershock
  • Sisley
  • Dsquared
  • Ed Hardy
  • Explosion
  • Lagos
  • Trussardi
  • Top Shop
  • New Look
  • Boden
  • True Religion
  • Topshop
  • Jack Willis
  • Ann Harvey
  • ASOS
  • Blue Inc
  • Austin Reed
  • Diesel
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Etam
  • Esprit
  • Karen Miller
  • La Senza
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Next
  • Wallis
  • Burton
  • Jigsaw
  • Oasis
  • Levis
  • Diesel
  • Matalan
  • Nike
  • Lipsy
  • PUMA
  • Ted Barker
  • Primark
  • Sweaty Betty
  • River Island
These are some high street fashion brands that are well-known and popular among people. These famous high street fashion brands are affordable by most people as they are lot less expensive than high-end brands. Some high street fashion brands, like Mango and Topshop collaborate with iconic Hollywood actresses to come up with unique designs.

There is great competition among the famous fashion brands to get a higher market share. These famous fashion brands are the ones that dictate fashion trends for coming seasons. They are the ones that go for aggressive advertising campaigns to promote the brand and keep its image intake. These famous fashion clothing brands not only sell clothes, but also sell an image of a certain lifestyle. Clothing brands sell outfits not only for women, but there are many famous clothing brands for men likeHugo Boss and Perry Ellis that are highly successful. Many of these clothing brands also sell other luxury goods like high-end makeup, accessories, shoes, fragrances, jewelry and handbags. Famous clothing brands are not only about clothes, it is about selling dreams and aspirations

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#OLA & #OLB are calling on all people of the world to start planning NOW for a Global Strike. The goal is to shut down commerce worldwide and show the 1% we will not be taken for granted, we will not be silenced, WE WILL NOT MOVE until our grievances are redressed.


Every continent, every country, every state, every city will stand up.

Labor and workers are under attack by the 1%. Occupy stands Immigrants and with Labor both organized and not. Unions and union rights are what made our working class strong. Every benefit we have as working people has come from the struggles of organized labor and immigrants fighting for their rights. Now they are trying to destroy our bargaining rights, they want their greedy hands on our pensions. They don't have enough already? ENOUGH. 



We demand good jobs and good pay for everyone on the planet. Citizen of the country they work in or not. Outsourcing will no longer be tolerated by the so called "job creators" for cheap labor. All human beings deserve a living wage.

Education, Housing and Healthcare are human rights NOT "entitlements."


We can tell you that May 1st is International Workers Day. We can tell you that in some countries it’s a public holiday to commemorate the historic gains made by the Labor movement. We can tell you that in Los Angeles, May 1st is traditionally a day to celebrate and make a stand for immigrant rights.

But only you can tell us what you’re striking for on May 1st, 2012.
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Maldivian women standing up for their rights. Their vote. Their freedom


 Photo credit @Mauroof Khaleel & Sharaf

You want numbers? - MDP Protest February 24, 2012 (By TeamFaza)

MDP organises rally for women against government (Haveeru video)

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އިން ރާއްޖެ ސަސްޕެންޑްކޮށް އިންތިހާބު ބޭއްވުމަށް ގޮވާލައި ކޮމަންވެލްތުން ނެރުނު ބަޔާން CMAG

ނުރަސްމީ ތަރުޖަމާ
- ރާއްޖޭގެ ހާލަތާބެހޭގުން ގޮތެއް ނިންމުމަށް ކޮމަންވެލްތު މިނިސްޓީރިއަލް އެކްޝަން ގްރޫޕްގެ އާދަޔާ ހިލާފު ސެޝަނެއް މިއަދު ބޭއްވުނެވެ.
- މި މީޓިންގެ ރިޔާސަތުގައި އިންނެވީ ޓްރިނިޑާޑް އެންޑް ޓޮބާގޯގެ ފޮރިން މިނިސްޓަރ ސުރުޖްރާތަން ރަމްބަޗަން އެވެ. މި ސެޝަނުގައި އިތުރަށް ބައިވެރިވި ބޭފުޅުންގެ ތެރޭގައި ބަންގްލަދޭޝްގެ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު އޮންރަބަލް ޑރ. ދީޕޫ މޮނީ އާއި ކެނެޑާގެ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު އޮނަރަބަލް ޖޯން ބާއިޑް އާއި ޓެލެކޮންފަރެންސް މެދުވެރިކޮށް ބައިވެރިވެ ވަޑައިގެންނެވި ޖެމެއިކާގެ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު ސެނެޓަރ އާނޮލްޑް ޖޭ ނިކޮލަސަން އާއި ސެއެރޮލިއޯންގެ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު އޮންރަބަލް ޖޯސެފް ބީ ދައޫދާ އާއި ޓެންޒޭނިއާގެ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު އޮނަރަބަލް ބާނާރޑް ކޭ މެމްބެ އާއި އޮސްޓްރޭލިއާގެ ހާރިޖީވަޒީރު ޑެނިސް ރިޗާޑްސަން އަދި ވަނުއަޓޫ އިން އިނގިރޭސިވިލާތަށް ކަނޑައަޅުއްވާފައި ހުންނަވާ ސަފީރު ރޯއި މިކީ އެވެ.
-  ރާއްޖޭގެ ވެރިކަމުގެ ބާރު ބަދަލުވެގެން ދިއުމުގައި ވަށައިގެންވާ ކަންތައްތަކުގެ ހަޤީޤަތް ހޯދުމަށްޓަކައި އަދި ކޮމަންވެލްތުގެ ސިފަތަކަށާއި އުސޫލުތައް ހިފަހައްޓާވަރު ބެއްލެވުމަށް ފެބްރުއަރީ 17 ން 19 އަށް ރާއްޖެއަށް ޒިޔާރަތް ކުރި ތިން މެމްބަރުންގެ މިނިސްޓަރުންގެ މިޝަނުން އެކުލަވާލި ރިޕޯޓް މިހާރުވަނީ ސީމެގް އަށް ލިބިފައެވެ. މި މިޝަންގައި ހިމެނެނީ، ޓީމުގެ އިސްކޮށް ހުންނެވީ ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު ރަންބަޗަންގެ އިތުރުން ހާރިޖީ ވަޒީރު މޮނީ އާއި ރިޗާޑްސަންއެވެ. މި ޒިރާރަތުގައި ކަމާބެހޭ ގިނަފަރާތްތަކަކާއި އެބޭފުޅުން ބައްދަލު ކުރެއްވިއެވެ.
-  ކޮމަންވެލްތުން ކުރާ ކަންތައްތަކުގައި ހުރިހާ ފަރާތެއް ބައިވެރި ކުރުމާއި އަދި ގެންގުޅޭ ހަމަހަމަ ކަމުގެ އުސޫލުތަކާ އެއްގޮތްވާގޮތުން މަތިން، ރާއްޖޭގެ އައު ސަރުކާރުގެ އެޑްވައިޒަރ ޑރ. ހަސަން ސައީދުގެ ވާހަކަ މި ގްރޫޕުން އަހާފައިވެއެވެ. އަދި ހަމަ އެފަދައިން ޑރ. ފަރަހަނާޒް ފައިސަލްވަނީ ކުރީގެ ރައީސް ތަމްސީލު ކޮށްދެއްވާފައެވެ.
މިނިސްޓަރުންގެ މިޝަންގައި (ރާއްޖޭ ވަޑައިގެންނެވި) ހިމެނިވަޑައިގަންނަވާ ބޭފުޅުން ކޮށްދެއްވާފައިވާ އަގުހުރި މަސައްކަތްތައް ސީމެގްން ޝުކުރުވެރިވެއެވެ. އެބޭފުޅުންގެ މަސައްކަތުގެ ސަބަބުން، ރާއްޖޭގެ ވެރިކަން ބަދަލުވުމުގައި ވަށައިގެންވާ ކަންތައްތައް ސީމެގްއަށް ވަރަށް ބޮޑަށް އޮޅުން ފިލާފައިވެއެވެ.

-  މިޝަނުން ހުށަހެޅި ރިޕޯޓަށް ބަލައި އަދި ލިބިފައިވާ ހުރިހާ މަޢުލޫމާތުތަކަށް ބަލާއިރު، ލިބިފައިވާ ވަގުތުކޮޅުގެ ކުޑަކަމުން، 7 ފެބްރުއަރީ 2012 ވަނަ ދުވަހު ރައީސް ނަޝީދު ދެއްވި އިސްތިއުފާގެ ޤާނޫނީ ސައްހަކަމާމެދު ނިންމުމަކަށް އާދެވޭ ވަރެއް ނުވިއެވެ. އެހެން ކަމުން މިޤްރޫޕުން އެއްބަސްވެފައިވަނީ، 6 އަދި 7 ފެބްރުއަރީގައި ހިނގާދިޔަ ކަންތައްތަކުގެ މިނިވަން ވަކިފަރާތަކަށް ނުޖެހޭ ތަޙްޤީޤެއް ދެފުށްފެންނަ ގޮތަކަށް ޤަބޫލުކުރެވޭފަދަ މުއްދަތެއްގެ ތެރޭގައި ކުރަންޖެހޭ ކަމަށެވެ. އަދި އެފަދަ ތަޙްޤީޤެއްގައި ބައިނަލްއަޤްވަމީ ބައިވެރިވުން އޮންނަން ޖެހޭނެކަމަށާއި އަދި ހުރިހާ ސިޔާސީ ޕާޓީތަކުން އެއްބަސްވާ އުސޫލު ތަކެއްގެ މަތިން ކުރިއަށް ގެންދާން ޖެހޭނެކަމަށް ދެކެއެވެ.
-  ރާއްޖޭގެ ހާލަތު ރަނގަޅުވާން ޖެހޭ ކަމަށް ސީމެގްއަށް އެނގިގަނެފައިވެއެވެ. އެހެން ކަމުން ސީމެގްން ކަމާބެހޭ ހުރިހާ ފަރާތްތަކަށް ގޮވާލަނީ، ދައްކާ ވާހަކަތަކުގައި އަދި ކުރާ ކަންތައްތަކުގައި މައިތިރިކަން ހިޔާރުކުރުމަށާއި، އެކަކު އަނެކުންނަށް އިހްތިރާމް ކުރުމަށާއި، އަދި ޤައުމުގެ މަސްލަހަތު ކުރިއަށްނެރެ ކުރިއަށް ދިއުމަށްޓަކައި ހުރިހާ ފަރާތްތަކެއް އެއްބަސްވާ ގޮތެއް ހޯދުމަށް ވަގުތުން ފިޔަވަޅުތަކެއް އެޅުމަށްވެސް ގޮވާލަމެވެ. މިގޮތުން، އަވަސް އިންތިހާބެއް ބޭއްވުމަށް ތާރީޚެއް ކަނޑައެޅުމަށް އެއްވެސް ޝަރުތެއްނެތި މަޝްވަރާތައް ފެއްޓުމަށް ރައީސް ވަހީދާއި ރައީސް ނަޝީދަށް ގޮވާލަމެވެ. އަދި މި އިންތިހާބު މިއަހަރު ތެރޭގައި ބާއްވަން ޖެހޭނެއެވެ.
-  ސީމެގްއިން ދެކޭގޮތުގައި، މަޝްވަރާތަކުގެ ސަބަބުން، ކުރިންވެސް ހަމަޖެހިފައިވާ ގޮތަށް 1 މާޗް 2012 ގައި މަޖްލިސް ޖަލްސާތައް ފެއްޓުމަށް މަގުފަހިވެގެން ދާނެއެވެ. އަވަސް އިންތިހާބެއް ބޭއްވުމަށްޓަކައި ޤާނޫނޫ އަސާސީއަށް ގެންނަންޖެހޭ ބަދަލުތަކާއި، އަދި ސުލްހަވެރި، އެންމެންގެ ބައިވެރިވުން ހިމެނޭ، އިތުބާރު ކުރެވޭ އިންތިހާބެއް ބޭއްވުމަށް މަގުފަހިވާނެ ފަދަ ޤާނުނޫ ފާސްކުރުމަށްޓަކައި، މި މަޝްވަރާތަކުގެ ތެރެއިން އެއްބަސްވުމަކަށް އާދެވެންވާނެއެވެ.
-  ކޮމަންވެލްތުން ރާއްޖޭގެ ކަންތައްތައް ރަނގަޅުކުރުމަށް ކުރައްވާ މަސައްކަތްތައް ހުއްޓާނުލައި ކުރިއަށް ގެންދެއްވުމަށް ސެކްރެޓަރީ ޖެނެރަލްގެ އަރިހުގައި ސީމެގް އިން ވަނީ އެދިފައެވެ. އަދި ރާއްޖެއަށް ހާއްސަ މަންދޫބެއް އެކަށައެޅުއްވަމަށް ސެކްރެޓަރީ ޖެނެރަލް ވިސްނަވާތީ ސީމެގް އިންވަނީ އެކަމަށްވެސް މަރުހަބާ ދަންނަވާފައެވެ.
ރައީސް ނަޝީދަށް ޤާނޫނު އަސާސީގެ ދަށުން ލިބެންޖެހޭ ހިމާޔަތާއި އިނާޔަތްތައް ލިބެމުންދާނެކަމަށް އައު ސަރުކާރުން ދީފައިވާ ޔަޤީންކަން ސީމެގްއިން ފާހަނގަ ކުރެއެވެ. ރައީސް ނަޝީދު ހައްޔަރު ކުރުމަށް ނެރެފައިވާ ކޯޓް އަމުރާގުޅިގެން ދިމާވެދާނެ ކަންތައްތަކަށް ސީމެގްއިން އިންތިހާއަށް ކަންބޮޑުވެއެވެ. އަދި ގޮވާލަނީ، މިމައްސަލައާމެދު ގޮތެއް ނިންމުމުގައި، އިންތިހާބުގައި އެމަނިކުފާނުގެ ބައިވެރިވުމަށް ހުރަސް ނޭޅޭނެ ގޮތަކަށް އަމަލު ކުރުމަށެވެ.
-  ސީމެގް އިން އިތުރަށް އެއްބަސްވެފައިވާ ގޮތުގައި، ޕާލަމަންޓްގައި ކުރުމަށް އެއްބަސްވެފައިވާ ކަންތައްތައް ކުރިއަށް ގެންދިއުމުގައި އަދި މަޝްވަރާތަކުން ނުކުންނަ ކަންތައްތަކާމެދު ކުރިއަށް ދިއުމުގައި، ކޮމަންވެލްތުން ފަންނީ އެހީ ރާއްޖޭގެ ޖުޑީޝަރީ އާއި ރައްޔިތުންގެ މަޖްލިސްއަށް އަދި އިލެކްޝަންސް ކޮމިޝަނުގެ ޤާބިލުކަން އިތުރުކުރުމަށާއި ޑިމޮކްރެޓިކު ހަމަތަކާއި އުސޫލުތައް ޕްރޮމޯޓް ކުރުމުގައި ދޭންވާނެއެވެ. ވަކިން ހާއްސަކޮށް، ކޮމަންވެލްތަށް ގޮވާލަނީ ރާއްޖޭގެ އިލެކްޝަންސް ކޮމިޝަނަށް އެހީތެރިވުމަށާއި، އަދި ކަމާގުޅުންހުރި ހުރިހާ ފަރާތްތަކާއި މަޝްވަރާކޮށްގެން ސުލްހަވެރިކަމާއެކު އިތުބާރު ކުރެވޭ އިންތިހާބަކަށް މި އިންތިހާބު ހެދުމަށް މަސައްކަތް ކޮށްދެއްވުމަށެވެ. އަދި، ހުށަހަޅާފައިވަނީ، އިންތިހާބަށް ދާއިރު، ވީހާވެސް އަވަހަކަށް ސިޔާސީ ޕާޓީތަކުން އަމަލު ކުރަންޖެހޭ ‘ކޯޑް އޮފް ކޮންޑަކްޓް’ (އަހްލާޤީ މިންގަނޑު) އެއް އެކުލަވާލުމަށެވެ.
-  ސަރުކާރު ބަދަލުވުމަށް ދިމާވި ކަންތައްތަކުގެ ޖަވާބުތައް ނޭނގި ހުރީތީވެ، އަދި ރާއްޖޭގެ ހާލަތުގެ ނާޒުކުކަމުގެ ސަބަބުން، ސީމެގްއިން ގަސްދުކުރީ ކޮމަންވެލްތުގެ ރަސްމީ އެޖެންޑާގައި ރާއްޖެ ބޭއްވުމަށެވެ. ސީމެގްއިން އިތުރަށް އެއްބަސްވަނީ، ސީމެގްގެ މެމްބަރު ގައުމެއްގެ މައްސަލަތައް ސީމެގްއިން ބަލަމުންދާ ހާލަތަކަށްވާތީވެ، އަދި ސީމެގްގެ ރަސްމީ އެޖެންޑާގައި އެގައުމެއް އޮންނަހާ ހިނދެއްގައި، ސީމެގްގެ މެމްބަރު ކަމުން ވަގުތީގޮތުން އެގައުމެއް ސަސްޕެންޑް ވާނެއެވެ. މިއުސޫލާއި އެއްގޮތްވާގޮތުގެ، ނިންމާފައިވަނީ ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ ސީމެގްގައި މިހާލަތުގައި ބައިވެރި ނުކުރާގޮތަށެވެ.
- ރާއްޖޭގައި މިކަންތައްތައް ކުރިއަށް ދާމިންވަރު ބެލުމަށާއި އަދި އެޕްރީލްމަހު ބޭއްވުމަށް ހަމަޖެހިފައިވާ ސީމެގްގެ ބައްދަލުވުމުގައި، އަޅަންޖެހިދާނެ އިތުރު ފިޔަވަޅުތަކާމެދު ގޮތެއް ނިންމުމަށް، މާޗް މަހު ޓެލެކޮންފަރެންސް މެދުވެރިކޮށް މީޓިންއެއް ބާއްވާނެއެވެ.
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Commonwealth Against the Coup in Maldives

Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) has decided to take action against the Maldives. In brief CMAG decided on the following course of action.

  • CMAG has put the Maldives a formal watch list while it learns more about the coup.
  • The Group is unhappy with the warrant to arrest President Nasheed as it could be used as a tool to stop President Nasheed from participating in the presidential elections.
  • The Group called for "an independent and impartial investigation" into the coup without playing delay tactics. The Group is also would like international participation in the internal investigation proposed by Dr Waheed.
  • The Group called for early elections.  The Group urged Dr Waheed and President Nasheed "to commence an immediate dialogue, without preconditions, to agree on a date for early elections, which should take place within this calendar year."
  • The Group is calling on all parties to work together to amend the constitution to facilitate the early elections.
  • The Group agreed that the Commonwealth provide technical assistance to Maldives in capacity building in such areas as judiciary, parliament, Electoral Commission and promote adherence to democratic values and principles.  The group also recommended the Commonwealth to assist in developing a code of conduct for political parties in the lead-up to the next election.
  • CMAG will again  in March 2012 to review progress in Maldives, and to consider at its next scheduled meeting in April 2012 any further measures that may be warranted.
This is a good outcome for the Maldives. CMAG should be applauded for the work they have done uptodate.  However, this is only one step in the right direction.  

The regime led by Dr Waheed will try every trick in the book to delay the election and deny President Nasheed and his party free and fair participation in the electoral process. Some rich and powerful people may not want any formal acknowledgement of the events that we witnessed with our own yes and on the TV screens.

Two out of the three members of Dr Waheed's so called "Independent Enquiry Commission" were ministers of former President Gayyoom whose supporters are alleged to have orchestrated the coup. One of them was his Defense Minister in charge of the armed forces.  The brutality of the armed forces during Gayyoom's era is well documented.  Maldivian have not forgotten their brutality, stories of torture and lengthy detention of people. Vast majority of people will find the membership of the Commission abhorrent and their findings will not be acceptable to them. This is a brazen effort to cover up what really happened on February 7th.  

Dr Waheed has no commitment to involve international participants in his inquiry.  To paraphrase him he says "It is up to the Commission, they have the power to invite internationals,  I have done my bit."  In other words, Dr Waheed is not going to pay much attention to CMAG recommendation.

So far Dr Waheed has not made any serious effort to return the country back to a democracy.  His strategy is to delay, set up committees and blame MDP.  As one of the most experienced diplomats in the country, Dr Waheed knows the buttons to press to keep the international community at bay. "unity government", "terrorist activity", "independent inquiry" etc are some of the phrases that we hear from Dr Waheed. They are designed for diplomats who will play a very big role in deciding whether Maldives will be another Pakistan or a Fiji.

Maldivians need the help of our friends in the international community.  Like many of my friends in the Maldives, I believe that CMAG have listened to the concerns of the ordinary people in the Commonwealth.  Your continued support will be needed for a while to come.

(For the complete CMAG press release please click here.)
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Join the Appeal to the Commonwealth to Reject the Coup in the Maldives


You can either post the letter to
HE Mr. Kamalesh Sharma
Commonwealth Secretariat
Marlborough House
Pall Mall,
London SW1Y 5HX, UK



Here's the draft, please feel free to change.

Dear  HE Mr. Kamalesh Sharma 
I write to you to express my concern with regard to the overthrow of the first democratically elected government of the Maldives. As a citizen of a Commonwealth member country, I appreciate the engagement of the Commonwealth and the early convening of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) and the CMAG mission that is currently ongoing in the Maldives.
While most of the international community appear to support a full inquiry into the events surrounding Mr. Nasheed’s resignation and has called for early elections, I respectfully call upon you as the Secretary-General to implement the Millbrook Commonwealth Action Programme on the Harare Declaration and pending a free and fair election in the Maldives to exclude the current Maldivian regime from “participation at ministerial level meetings of the Commonwealth”. 
I further call upon you to recall the invitation that was accorded to the Head of Government of the Maldives to participate in a luncheon in June to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee until free and fair elections are held in the Maldives and a Head of Government elected by the people of Maldives is able to attend.

Yours sincerely

[Citizenship description]
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Before February 17 & 17th February, 2012 protest by MDP

 (By TeamFaza) 

MDP Protest Feb17 2012 Time-lapse

 (By TeamFaza) 

Maldives coup : Police arresting MP inthi  

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Maldivians deserve democracy too

In November 2008, Mohamed Nasheed became the firstdemocratically elected President in the history of the Maldives, after a popular democratic uprising against three decades of authoritarian rule by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The triumph was hailed as a victory of good over evil - a human rights activist who had repeatedly been jailed and tortured several times had ousted the aging dictator against all odds.

Free and fair public elections were held to appoint the President (2008), Parliament (2009) and Local councils (2011).

However, the Judiciary continued to be dominated by judges hand picked by Gayoom before the 2008 constitution came into force. Attempts at reforming the judiciary have been resisted by the judges, with the help of Gayoom loyalists and allies in parliamentary councils and the JSC.

Abusing the powers granted to them by the new democratic constitution, the Judges continue to provide protection to Gayoom, his family members and political associates, many of whom have  ongoing cases of corruption, embezzlement as well as various human rights crimes filed in court.

These loyalists still remain active in the political picture of the country, attempting to undermine the values of democracy for their personal gains. They have proven themselves willing and able to influence their allies in the judiciary for their both political and personal reasons.

2009Documents are sent to the judicial oversight body, the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) to launch an
investigation into outstanding complaints against Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed for obstructing a police
investigation against bribery and corruption within the parliament.

November 2011
The Judicial Services Commission completes an investigation on Judge Mohamed and concludes that he had
been guilty of misconduct. Judge Mohamed's allies in the Civil Court orders a suspension of the JSC’s complaint  procedure. While JSC appeals for the ruling, they allow Judge Mohamed to continue to serve as the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court in the meantime.

16 January 2012

Maldives National Defense Force detain and arrest Abdulla Mohamed on the orders of President Nasheed.
Charges: corruption, in particular for allowing his judicial decisions to be determined by political and personal
affiliations and interests. He is also accused of the following by then Home Minister Abdulla Afeef:

- Deliberately holding up cases involving opposition figures, and barring media from corruption trials.

- Ordering the release of suspects detained for serious crimes “without a single hearing”, and maintaining
“suspicious ties” with family members of convicts sentenced for dangerous crimes.

- Actively undermining cases against drug trafficking suspects and allowing them opportunity to “fabricate false evidence after hearings had concluded”

- Hijacking the whole court by deciding that he alone could issue search warrants

- Arbitrarily suspending court officers

- Twisting and interpreted laws so they could not be enforced against certain politicians; and

- Accepting bribes to release convicts

PPM led rally: calls for police mutiny
23 January
PPM interim Vice President, Umar Naseer, speaking at an opposition rally on 23 January calls on opposition
supporters to:

 “mobilize 2000 people in a surprise operation that will lead to mutiny by the
security forces.”

Umar Naseer speaks on to outline the specifics of his plot to the crowd: “Groups of 30 people will gather in
different places in a surprise operation; they will take 50, 12-foot ladders and jump over those walls [pointing finger towards MNDF Headquarters in Republic Sqaure]; this should take 30 seconds; the Maldives National Defence Force will be forced to mobilize the whole security force; 2000 people jumping over those walls in a surprise operation will tire them and they will be forced to give up and they will side with us. We know how countries topple governments. Everything we need to topple this government is now ready.”

Abdulla Yameen MP, PPM, parliamentary group leader, told protesters during a rally on 23 January:

“I’m here to join the people in this war, in this jihad.”

Addressing nearby members of the police and military, who were guarding the rally, Yameen added:

“we are making arrangements to find employment opportunities for those of you who are dismissed for disobeying to an unlawful command.”

Opposition meets VP Waheed
30 January 2012

Sheikh Imran of religious Adhaalaath Party, Umar Naseer of Gayoom's Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef, Vice President of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) & representatives of hardline Islamist NGOs meet Vice President Waheed late in the night and hold a press conference in which they declare:

- Allegiance to Vice President Mohamed Waheed and request him to ‘take over the government’.

- That ‘President Nasheed is not the President of the Maldives anymore’.

- Call on Police and army to pledge allegiance to Waheed and ‘not to implement any order given by President Nasheed’
6th February 2012

2030 hrs
Artificial Beach area. Protests begin. There are opposition protestors as well as those from the ruling party at the scene. Police forces that are present leave twice, but return both times

2331 hrs
Defense forces arrive at the protest scene. Tensions escalate soon after, with both sides throwing projectiles at each other. At 2352 hours, security forces desert the protest site.

7 February 2012
0015 hrs
A breakaway Police Special Operations unit cause significant damage to the MDP Headquarters. The Special Operations unit, also known earlier as 'Star Force', is an elite group of riot police created during Gayoom's regime.  Key party personnel are badly beaten up. Fifteen minutes later, two to three truckloads of police show up at the protest site. These are officers from other units operating on their own without command from the headquarters.

0100 hrs
As the unrest at the Artificial beach subsides, the breakaway unit of Police SO Officers arrive at Republican Square and begin their own protest, demanding the resignation of the Commissioner of Police. At around 0130, officers in Police HQ are informed that the defense forces are about to start arresting dissenting Police officers at Republican Square. This incites about 200 police officers already in HQ to come out and join the protesting officers.

0246 hrs
Vice President Dr. Waheed states on VTV (TV channel owned by opposition leader Gasim Ibrahim) pledging support for the mutinying police, and that no one should obey "unconstitutional" orders, and implores the armed forces to refrain from using force. He also states that he would do everything in his power to resolve the situation. President Nasheed was not consulted.

0502 hrs
Various police forces stationed across Male’ begin to gather around the Republic Square. A stand off ensues between the defense force and the mutinying police officers. It lasts for several hours. Civilian protestors and media converge at Republican Square. The Defense forces attempt to disperse them.

0630 hrs
President Nasheed arrives at the Square to request mutinying police officers to end their protest and assures them of immunity. Protesting police refuse to disperse, and President Nasheed returns to the Defense Headquarters. Protesting police then violently clash with gathered MDP protestors.

0900 hrs
Protesting police violently clash with gathered MDP protestors. Pepper spray is fired heavily. Several leading MDP activisits and MPs are stripped and beaten, causing several to sustain injuries. 

VIDEO: Head of State begs MNDF to save his country
"I beg you to please go out and help protect this country. Save this country, I beg you on behalf of the people of this nation."

0933 hrs
Abdulla Riyaz, an ex- Assistant Commissioner of Police during Gayoom’s era (dismissed from his post by
President Nasheed almost two years ago) is seen in front of the Defense Headquarters. At 0935 hrs, Mohamed Nazim, an ex-military officer, and FA Fayaz, also an Ex-Assistant Commissioner of Police, are also seen addressing the sentries at the gates of MNDF headquarters. 

 VIDEO: MNBC ransack by police and military

1100 hrs
The Vice President's younger brother, Mr Ali Waheed, arrives at the state TV MNBC One, amidst reports that it would soon be under siege, and demands that the station be handed over to him. He claims that Vice President Waheed was in charge of the country. Video cameras catch gunshots being fired during the raid. 

Control room of MNBC after being seized by military and police officers.

1000 - 1100 hrs
Mohamed Nazim, in civilian clothes, addresses the gathered crowd of police and MNDF dissenters. They address him as Sir (usually reserved for command positions). He announces to the mutinying police and military officers that their demand for the "unconditional resignation" of President Nasheed has been conveyed, and said "by the will of god we have won (ourselves) a victory"

1200 - 1300 hrs
President Nasheed arrives under heavy military escort to the President’s Office, accompanied by Nazim, Riyaz and Fayaz, who then escort the President to the Ghazee Conference Room at the President’s office where contents of his own resignation letter are dictated to him.
The President hands over his handwritten resignation letter to his Cabinet Secretary Ms Hisaan Hussain. The letter is seized from the dispatch staff of the President’s Office by the three coup leaders present.

President Mohamed Nasheed resigns citing his reasons for resignation as 'not wanting to rule by force'.

1300 - 1400 hrs
The letter is delivered by hand by the coup leaders to the Majlis Headquarters. The passage of the letter is thus not at the discretion of President Nasheed.

Given the gravity of the situation, while events were unfolding live on four TV channels, neither the Speaker of the Majlis nor the Chief Justice made any attempts to contact President Nasheed to ascertain whether he was resigning under duress.

1545 hrs
Dr Waheed goes to the People’s Majlis where the oath of Office is administered. Legal experts dispute the validity of his oath as he had forgotten to mention his own name during the oath. 

8 February 2012

1400 hrs
President Nasheed makes an appearance at an MDP National Council meeting at Dharubaaruge. He announces to the crowds that he resigned under duress.

1600 hrs
More than 10,000 supporters of President Nasheed march in Malé in an unprecedented demonstration. They were baton charged a few minutes after arriving near the Republican Square by the Police without due warning. Several demonstrators including President Nasheed as well as MPs and other leading members of the party were singled out for severe beatings. Several protestors sustained injuries, including to their heads, after being beaten with batons and sticks, as well as from being sprayed into eyes and mouths with pepper-spray at close range.

VIDEO: Brutal crackdown on MDP peaceful demonstration

Reeko Moosa Manik: MP for Hulhuhenveiru

Mariya Didi - MP for Male’ Machangolhi Uthuru

Mohamed Samah Rasheed: Council Member from Maafannu-North

President Nasheed after being attacked by security forces following the peaceful 

VIDEO: Brutal crackdown on MDP peaceful demonstration
Ibrahim Rasheed MP for Male’ Maafannu Dhekunu

VIDEO: Mohamed Nazim gives two contradicting accounts of President Nasheed's 

Since the coup
Less than 24 hours after the forced resignation of President Nasheed, coup leaders Mohamed Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz are appointed by Dr Waheed as Minister of Defence and Commissioner of Police respectively: measures to consolidate his unlawful position as President. 

The appointment of Abdulla Riyaz is especially controversial as the Police Act of 2008 specifically states that the Commissioner of Police should be chosen from those among the Higher Ranked officers, whereas Riyaz has been out of the force and been a civilian for the past two years. 

Judge Abdulla Mohamed was also brought back from isolation after the mutiny and reinstated as Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, contrary to Dr. Waheed's earlier stand as Vice President less than a fortnight ago that the Judge Abdulla Mohamed should be suspended from the Criminal Court bench until all charges against him have been cleared by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).
Claims by opposition after coup
MP Ahmed Mahloof (PPM) on Daily Mirror: 

"We were backed by a section of the police in our drive to oust the government. Now, we ask our supporters not to harass anyone. We was them to be calm at this juncture. We want peace now. 

Claims by opposition after coup
Umar Naseer, interim deputy leader of opposition Progressive Party, said at a rally held on the night of February 6th, he threatened President Nasheed that he may face death if does not surrender. During a PPM rally on the 12th of February, Umar further revealed that. 

when the‘operation’ was underway during the night of coup, he was in the ‘commanding center’ and he was conversing with aides of President Nasheed.

“When the operation was happening [that night], I was in the commanding center. 
I was talking to people who were with Nasheed. I continued to ask them to surrender, if not his life might be in line. I was continuously saying that. As I was saying this at first he responded with a lot of pride and ignorance that he does not have to surrender, such a situation does not exist” Umar said.

On the night of the 6th February, Umar Naseer was seeing on local tv channel DhiTV for hours repeatedly 
encouraging Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defence Force not to follow orders given by President Nasheed. In light of all these developments, it is clear Umar Naseer was deeply involved in the planning of the coup that brought down President Nasheed, the first democratically elected leader in the history of Maldives.
Democracy must prevail...
The first democratically elected government of the Maldives has been toppled in a coup d'etat by rogue elements in the security forces, at the instigation of forces loyal to the former dictatorship.

Hundreds of political prisoners have been arrested all over the country in a matter of days, after a three year period without any political prisoners. Several MDP MPs and supporters face the threat of arrest, while many are still in detention. 

Members of the general public, including political activists, continue to be terrorised by the police and defense forces on the streets.

In the meantime, Dr. Waheed has appointed a cabinet comprised almost exclusively of members belonging to former dictator Gayoom's party and its allies that failed to get a public mandate in 2008.

Fear and repression by security forces, as well as seeing old faces of Gayoom's regime back in power marks a return to darker days of authoritarian rule that Maldivians thought they had overcome during the last three years. These developments threaten to undo the huge gains made by the Maldives in strengthening its infant democracy.

In essence, the people of the Maldives have been robbed of their democratic vote. President Nasheed has called for immediate elections to restore the public mandate, a sentiment that has been echoed by a large section of the population who have publicly rallied behind him.

If the international community fails to stand behind the Maldivian people in this time of crisis and help restore the country's democracy and the public voice, it would be a betrayal of the country's democratic aspirations, and the country stands the risk of joining the league of failed democracies in the region. 
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